310245B: Elective I – Human Computer Interface TE CS 2019 SEM 5 Books

Human Computer Interface for SPPU 19 Course [TechKnowledge]

Human Computer Interface For SPPU B.E. Computer Engineering Sem 5 Paperback – 12 September 2021 by Dr. Jayshree R. Pansare (Kedar) (Author)

Human Computer Interface  [Technical]

Human Computer Interface for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - COMP. - 310245(B) - Elective - I) Paperback by I. A. Dhotre (Author), Soumitra Das (Author)

Elective I – Human Computer Interface Course Objectives:

● To understand the importance of HCI design process in software development
● To learn fundamental aspects of designing and implementing user interfaces
● To study HCI with technical, cognitive and functional perspectives
● To acquire knowledge about variety of effective human-computer-interactions
● To co-evaluate the technology with respect to adapting changing user requirements in
interacting with computer

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