Chocolates are the best friend of many and all for right reasons. This sweet, bit bitter, sticky and immensely tasty good is best gift from our ancestors to us. Chocolates come in many shapes and sizes, be it sweet white chocolate, or milky brown chocolate or my favorite, a bit bitter and very tempting dark chocolates, everyone has a favorite or two. Did you know milk chocolates and dark chocolates taste even better with a pinch of salt or a pinch of chili powder? Chocolates are a treasure for people with sweet tooth, but at the same time many people avoid chocolates due the calories it contains within. Well even if it has one con here is the list of few pros that will convince you to eat chocolates quite frequently.

Heart Friendly

chocolates heart

Consuming chocolates help in improving the efficiency of heart as the substance constituting chocolate activates enzymes that help in relaxing and widening the blood veins. The antioxidants present in chocolate also keep the heart healthy. So there is no doubt that frequent consumption of chocolates not only decrease chances of low blood pressure but also improve and enhance all over the health of the heart.

Improves Eyesight

eyesight chocolates

Yes, you read it correctly, studies have shown that the antioxidants present in dark chocolates enhance the night vision. People who are fond of dark chocolates are able to distinguish shapes in the dark background. White chocolates do not contain anti-oxidants therefore, people who eat more of white chocolate do not find any improvement in their vision.

Chocolate to de-stress

de-stress chocolates

So Professor Lupin was quite right in giving chocolate to Harry Potter and his friends when confronted by dementors, dark beings who suck away happiness and leave their victims depressed. Chocolates contains anti-oxidants that make you feel happy and also helps you relax. The sugar present in chocolates have a calming effect on the brain, it also relieves pain. Chocolate is almost like an elixir.

Natural Sun Blocker

Chocolate sun block

Frequent consumption of hot chocolate with extra flavonoids help in protecting your skin from UV rays, study have shown women who drank hot chocolate were more active and less affected by UV rays. Chocolates also keep away acne and pimples, so even if your friend blames chocolates for the pimples, let her know there is no scientific proof to support her accusation.

Enhance Concentration

concentration chocolate

Chocolates are the best food item to enhance concentration when you feel that nothing more can be saved on the hard disk of your brain, chocolate make sure you go on little longer and still save the information. Chromium and sugar in chocolates also keep you alert for a longer period of time without feeling lethargic. And to add a bonus point, chocolates also boost your appetite.

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