In this fast-paced life that we lead today, our erratic daily routine has taken a huge toll on our health. Gone are the ancient days when a man in the family was the sole bread-winner. Women today are equally privileged and are leaving their mark in every field of development. But in this never-ending quest of success, status and power we scarcely spare time to take care of ourselves. Taking care does not necessarily include several trips to a salon or spa or hitting the gym every day. Eating at regular intervals, maintaining a proper sleep schedule and keeping our emotional health in check are few things, to begin with. Following are simple steps that would help in maintaining women’s health.

Diet in check

diet health women

When was the last time you had proper food for all your meals? Can’t recall? This is precisely what needs to change. Binge on fast food once in a while is alright but living off them on a daily basis is very unhealthy. Staying hydrated irrespective of the weather is essential. On a pleasant day, one might not feel thirsty at all but our body does require water to function well.

Drink with care

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Keeping a conscious check on alcohol intake is necessary. Having a fun drinking session occasionally is absolutely fine but getting sloshed and wasted frequently is bound to have adverse effects in the long run.

An annual health check-up

doctor checkup women health care

Women should have a complete medical examination at least once every year as prevention is better than cure. An alarming increase in instances of PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome), Breast Cancer, Low Bone Mineral Density, etc. are not a good sign. Therefore, keeping in touch with your general physician as well as your gynaecologist is always a smart option.

Hydrate Your Body

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As the summer season is approaching, always remember to keep your body hydrated, women should drink almost 4-6 litre water. Women can also choose options like fresh fruit juices and healthy milkshakes as they not only keep the body hydrated but will also provide with essential minerals and vitamins.

Do not try to be a Perfectionist

perfectionist women health care

Yes, it happens a lot that women try to finish their job with perfection and at times results in stress and anxiety. Always try to keep a balance between your personal and professional life. Try to complete your work by giving your 100%, but never stress about doing it perfectly, your perfection might not be same as others.

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