vivacity 2016

Event : VIVACITY 2016
Category: Cultural Management Fest
College : The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur
Venue : LNMIIT Campus
Dates : 28th-31st January 2016

Vivacity is the annual cultural festival of The Lakshmi Niwas Mittal Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. It is one of the biggest cultural college fests in Rajasthan. ‘Vivacity’ comes from the word ‘vivacious’, meaning ‘full of life’.

Vivacity is a superb medley of different sectors like dance, literature, music, drama, art and crafts, pro-nights, and a lot more informals. Vivacity 2016 showcased the theme ‘Primus Tempus’, which revealed the feel of Change being inevitable and time holding the command.
Join them to meet the ‘Poet of the Change and Master of All’.

vivacity 2016
Vivacity is not just a fest, It is larger than life-moments in creation. It is about dreaming in colors never seen before ! It is host to a number of colleges from all over the country, with a footfall of more than 15,000 people in the last iteration. The Fest will be better and larger this year !

Last year, Vivacity 2015 witnessed awesome DJ’s dropping some spectacular blasting music, at SUNBURN CAMPUS. The theme last year was “Maya Magicus” featuring the magic we see in our daily lives. Event also offers vibrant colors in fun events, gaming arena, Exhibitions and Workshops.

Teaser – VIVACITY 2017



EVENTS in Vivacity 2016 :

Vivacity 2016
Dance :   Outlaw, solo-western, Mudra-solo classical, Duet Dance, and Razzmatazz

Music :   Raddrock, Swaranjali(Hindi solo), Raga, eMCee Battle, Sur Sangam(Duet), Antakshari,

Solendious(English solo), Mescolanza

Drama :   Parikalpana, Goonj, Hasyanukriti, Ekal, Nishabdh

Litrary :   Turn Coat, Prolegomenon, Shipwreck, Finders Keepers.

Art :   Sandscape, Masquerade, Contrasto, Cop n Carbano, Redemption

Lif n style :   Vogue- the fashion parade, Mr. and Miss Vivacity, Wrap it up

Gaming :   Counter Strike, Dota-2, Fifa

Informals :   Takeshi’s Castle, Vivacity Messenger, Fun Mania, Locked up

Pro-night and  Campus Princess



Razzmatazz – The Dance Competition      29th January 2016
Vogue – The Fashion Parade                       29th January 2016
RaddRock – The Battle of Bands                30th January 2016
Campus Princess : Road to Miss India        29th January 2016

Important Links to Primus Tempus :

Website     Twitter     Google+     Youtube     Facebook

References : Event’s Official Site | Facebook Page

Pictures taken from Event’s Official Site.

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