The whole wide world is filled with many unusual and bizarre things, and the musical world is not an exception either. One cannot imagine the world without music. It erupts in some of the most uncommon, unusual and unexpected places. Some artists consider guitar, piano, drums etc. to be too mainstream. So they continue to explore many other options producing soulful and mesmerising tunes in their quest.

So here is the compiled list of some of the most different, even strange musical instruments from around the world.

12 Neck Guitar

This guitar is sure to gather some eyes judging by its sheer size and a large number of strings. This fully functioning work of art was created by Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh. This instrument has not four, not even eight but 72 super strings of musical mayhem. This is one hell of a weapon for a massive rock star!

12 Neck Guitar


Played using direct physical contact with water, this acoustic device is a fun musical instrument to play with. It is a very expressive instrument in the hands of a skilled individual, but even the general public can try to play a cacophony of musical tones! Its inventor Steve Mann considers it to be a very soothing and magical musical instrument.

The Singing Ringing Tree

On one of the barren hilltops of Lancashire, England sits a very strange and splendid wind musical sculpture. Resembling a tree, it is made up of numerous hollow pipes which produce mesmerising tunes as the breeze blows through them. It is designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. The harmonic and singing qualities of the tree are produced by tuning the pipes according to their lengths.

Glass Harmonica

This is a beautifully crafted musical instrument. It makes glass sing by using a series of glass bowls of varying sizes. It is played by gently rubbing the bowls using fingertips. It produces a very beautiful yet a melancholic stream of tunes. It was invented by the most noteworthy, Benjamin Franklin. This instrument has been used by many great names including Mozart and Beethoven.

Glass harmonica


This magnificent musical instrument is a form of plasma speaker. It is a modified version of tesla coils and produces musical notes by varying its spark output. The musical sound comes because of the passage of sparks through the air. It is a unique instrument that can electrify and put the audience in awe with its beautiful tones.



The wheelharp is a recent ground-breaking musical instrument that allows the player to orchestrate a chamber string orchestra. All of it on the player’s fingertips! With an amazing profile, it not only makes melodious tunes but is also stunning to look. It’s 61 strings can be manipulated to make a range of bowing intensities, hence producing music.



This gigantic musical instrument was invented by Henry Dagg, a music composer and sound sculptor! This instrument produces a very beautiful sound which can be modulated to produce melodious tunes. Actually, it is more like an automatic acoustic harp, which can play about 90 seconds of music. And it is powered by solar power.


The Great Stalacpipe Organ

Deep in the Luray Caverns of Virginia sits one of the largest musical instruments in the world. It might seem to be an ordinary organ, but the organ is connected to small mallets which gently strike the stalactites. The stalactites are of varying lengths and thickness producing different tunes when struck. When it starts playing the entire cavern resounds with the music.The great stalcapipe organ


This musical instrument is a very recent invention. It is a cross between an oboe and a holographic projector. When music is played on it, a hologram gets triggered matching the tune. But the catch is that you have to play it really well to produce a hologram. According to its creator Harrison Krix, “Very few people in the universe can play it. And they are not very good at it”.Holophonor

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