Remember the last time you couldn’t recall the answer to, perhaps, the most important question while writing an exam and the question haunted you for hours after that!? Or your best friend is still mad at you because you failed to remember the most awaited day of the year. Or maybe your girlfriend is upset with your habit of forgetting the tiny little details she tells you about her life. Well, we know that you aren’t at fault. And even after trying to not forget these things, you end up disappointing someone or the other. Just know that we usually forget things we want to remember the most.


If you feel that your worst enemy is your memory, then here we are to help you out of this! Below are some tips to energize your brain cells and to amaze everyone with your super memorizing power.

TRY TO BE A MEMBER OF THE 5 AM CLUB – Waking up early in the morning is however not directly related to improving your memory but yes, it saves you from the harm that sleeping till late does to it. Spend the first 30 minutes of your day in a way that keeps you energetic throughout. Engage in meditation and wonder at the changes it brings about. HAPPY MEDITATION!


JUST LIKE YOUR BODY, YOUR BRAIN NEEDS THE RIGHT DIET TOO – Nothing works better than a handful of Almonds to get your brain work at its maximum potential. Start your day with a balanced breakfast, for example with a combination of protein, fruits, and nuts.  Include antioxidants in your meal to protect neurons against damage..Did you know that sardines, beets, spinach, and lentils can do wonders to your brain power!? Incorporate these in your diet and thank us later!


TRY MAINTAINING A JOURNAL – Ever wondered why all great  men and women maintain a journal!? That’s because it helps them keep a detailed account of all their life events and helps them grow personally. Writing regularly can boost your memory and help you recall information when you need it. It is said to have a chemical effect on areas of your brain responsible for memory by specifically increasing the blood flow in that part.


BOOST MEMORY AND LEARNING WITH MUSIC – Yes, you heard it right!  Researchers say that music actually proves  helpful in boosting long-term memory. It stimulates parts of the brain and studies have demonstrated that music enhances the memory of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Isn’t that great! Putting us in a better mood to learn, sounds help to hold our attention, evoke emotions, and stimulate visual images, which leads to a better recalling power eventually. So what are you waiting for!? Just turn it up!


LEARN AND TEACH – The best way of making sure that you don’t forget the newly learned information is by teaching it to someone else. Yes, be a teacher and do it your way! Find any of your friends or siblings, get hold of them and just begin your very own classes. Underline the important points, read them out loud, explain it in detail to your so called students and there you go. You’ll never forget that thing for the rest of your life. Ah yes, the confidence and the communication skills, well, enjoy the bonus!


MIND YOU SLEEP PATTERN – What’s the big deal about sleeping? We hardly focus on it and then curse our memory. Not fair guys! Chronic sleep deprivation can reduce your cognitive abilities, negatively impact your concentration, and can even reduce your IQ. Just break up with your bad habits, that’s all. Plan your work and work your plan. Reward yourself with the right amount of sleep at the right time to get your brain cells on heels.


DO IT THE CREATIVE WAY – Do crossword puzzles, put together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, learn chess, play cards, or read books. How can one forget  Rubik’s Cube when it comes to some real mind challenging games. These activities keep your brain active and challenged, help delay memory loss, and promote learning new things every day.


TRUST THE POWER OF REPETITION – Keep recalling within few hours when you learn any new topic. There should be first Revision in 24 hours of what you have learnt. The next revision in 7 days, then 15 and finally 30. Revise it again in 2 or 3 months .And if needed, have one revision in 6 months. This is called Spaced Repetition because you increase space between two Revisions. This helps you to store information for Long Term and keeps you from worrying about the fact that why you forget stuff the moment you learn it.


ENJOY WHAT YOU DO AND LEARN – Ever wondered how you still remember the lyrics of the song you heard back then in 2004!? Nah? Well, that’s because you really enjoyed listening to it and couldn’t help but dance on it. Take interest and fully enjoy what you study. It’s also very powerful. We remember movies or time spent with our friends because we fully enjoy these. Also try to connect things you want to remember to real life.


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