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How many of you have tried to do some of your boring and unengaging work with the help of music? Maybe Eminem has been blaring out of your speakers or are you the more subtle Pink Floyd or Radio Head fan? Maybe your magic recipe of perfect maths homework include Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin or are you the fan of death metal and Cannibal Corpse is made just for you, or does your modus operandi include a more subtle and much more productive trance music?


Today I am going to confabulate about the trance music. I am very certain that quite a few have you heard about deadmau5 and if not about them, then definitely about Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. Although you might not have heard their works, we all have that one friend who is crazy about electronic and trance music and just can’t stop discussing these few artists and it is so because this genre of music is simply that amazing, and these artists are even more so!!!


Believe it or not, while writing this post, I myself was enjoying a two-hour long trance mix.(Although I am not implying that Clash of Clans was not helpful;) )


Trance literally means a state of complete mental absorption or deep musing and trance music is something that puts you in this state.( At this point please note that soft trance is much more helpful for studies than spiking sounds!) This sort of music is a love child between classical, house and electro music.


Trance owes its origin to Germany, it was developed in the late 1990s, but do we really need to know its history to enjoy it? HECK NO! So let’s roll and come right to some of the most enticing and alluring trance this cosmos has to offer.Please do note that I am not gonna walk the beaten path and give you that trance which you can find just by googling best trance music or so, so fasten your seat belt fellas, because the thrill factor just got up a notch!


One of the best trance that always works for me is “Concrete Angel” by Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli. The lyrics have a really deep meaning and the way its cinematography has been carried out is absolutely beautiful.To all the introverts out there, this one is for you. Please do hear the song and try to interpret the meaning of the song. It carries the true essence of the trance music. Listen to it in the dead to of the night and mark my words ladies and gentlemen, it will be absolute bliss.

Second on the list is a trance called Heart Afire by Defqwop feat Strix, and do note that it is an NCS(no copyright sound) release! So that means you can use it without any prior license! This too is a vocal trance which is simply awesome. Do check it out guys and if you want some kick to do your work, this is your go-to song. Th e drops and rises are smooth and it’s pure joy! This song features some of the smoothest transitions you will ever come across. The beats of this song are mesmerising. Also, the lyrics are quite something.

The third song to make on this list is an adrenalin rushing heroic and fantasy music released by Two Steps From Hell and the music is called The Strength of a Thousand Man. This soundtrack is more than sufficient to get your heart beating like a drum and will surely help you release the beast inside you, so fellas if you have a hard road up ahead, then I have just given you the elixir to deal with it.

Other noteworthy works of this group are Heart of Courage and Victory(vocal version). Also please note that it does not exactly fall into the typical definition of trance but still if it does the job, I am not the one to complain.

The fourth song is christened as Sanctuary and this is a song by Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders. This song is yet again a vocal trance. This song is an embodiment of a typical trance song. It has characteristics of all three genres that mainly make up trance music. The vocal effects are pretty smooth as well. The fading in and fading out of the voice and the music seems magical. It is perfect to calm your uneasy nerves and calm you down.

The last song to make in this list is Lee Haslam vs. Ummet Ozcan – Get A Striker (Christian Pheng Mashup). Christian Pheng is a very successful you-tuber and one of the best out there when it comes to creating trance mashups. This guy also has a music series called Gods Playlist where he has combined some of the best pieces of music in a fantastic way. The way he has mixed them is stunning. Coming back to the original track, it is evident from the name that this is a work of two different artists and then has been further refined by a third artist. This song features more beats than any of the above-mentioned song. It also has a little tinge of vocals in it. It is a very less known piece of music which definitely deserves more recognition.

That would be all for this time fellas but know that the world of trance is full of mysteries and fantasies. A whole complete world is out there just waiting for you, so get out there and explore it!

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