Technology has been mandatory for human existence. Technology has proved time after time (in my opinion) to be our greatest benefactor in the construction of the new world and the maintenance of the old world. But it wasn’t always this way, it took many many centuries, and hundreds and thousands of hit and misses for different innovations to take place.
The below list shows the recent tech innovations that have changed the world for the better,


Car-to-car communication

It lets cars broadcast their position, speed, steering-wheel position, brake status, and other data to other vehicles within a few hundred meters. The other cars can use such information to build a detailed picture of what’s unfolding around them, revealing trouble that even the most careful and alert driver, would miss or fail to innovations - car-to-car communicationThis is one of the most remarkable innovations and will definitely help in preventing the increasing numbers of road accidents. Though its a work in progress its definitely a sure step towards safer roads.

Project Loon

It is one of the pet projects of Google. Google says these balloons can deliver widespread economic and social benefits by bringing internet access to the 60 percent of the world’s people who don’t have it. They make a radio link to a telecommunications network on the ground and beam down high-speed cellular Internet coverage to smartphones and other devices.Tech Innovations - project loonIt’s known as Project Loon, a name chosen for its association with both flight and insanity. After working for three years and flying balloons for more than three million kilometers, Google says Loon balloons are almost ready to step in.

Megascale Desalination

The world’s largest and cheapest reverse-osmosis desalination plant, Sobek is up and running in Israel. Sobek uses a conventional desalination technology called reverse osmosis (RO). Thanks to a series of engineering and materials advances, it produces clean water from the sea cheaply and at a scale never before achieved.Tech Innovations - Megascale DesalinationThe payoff is that it needs only a fourth as much piping and other hardware, slashing costs. The plant also has highly efficient pumps and energy recovery devices. This will definitely help the millions who face acute water shortage.

Brain Mapping

A new map, a decade in the works, shows structures of the brain in far greater detail than ever before, providing a guide to its immense complexity. Neuroscientists have made remarkable progress in recent years toward understanding how the brain works.Tech Innovations - Brain MappingAdvances could come from new techniques that allow scientists to see the arrangement of cells and nerve fibers inside intact brain tissue at very high resolution. This will go a long way in understanding how the brain works and the various ailments attached to it.

Apple Pay

A clever combination of technologies makes it faster and more secure to buy things with a wave of your phone. Financial innovations from the invention of money to the credit card reduced friction in commercial exchange and accelerated the pace of commerce. Apple Pay does that too: it marks the end of scrawling a signature, producing a driver’s license, and other hassles that came with earlier forms of payment.Tech Innovations - Apple PayApple Pay works automatically when your phone is held up to the checkout terminal. Pressing your thumb to the phone eliminates the need to use a PIN, speeding the transaction. Apple Pay is a milestone in the journey of online payments. Though it might have had a moderate success, it can be expected to achieve better things.

Oculus Rift

Thirty years after virtual-reality goggles and immersive virtual worlds made their debut, the technology finally seems poised for widespread use. When you use the Rift, you feel as though you’re actually inside these worlds. The technology follows the movement of your head in real time; lean in to take a better look at a virtual flower or look to the skies to gaze at a virtual cloud, and your mind is drawn into the simulation. You can almost believe you are fully there.Tech Innovations - Oculus RiftWhile video games are where this improved virtual-reality technology is likely to take off first, it could also have applications in architecture, computer-aided design, emergency response training, and phobia therapy.

Supercharged Photosynthesis

The supercharged process, called C4 photosynthesis, boosts plants’ growth by capturing carbon dioxide and concentrating it in specialized cells in the leaves. That allows the photosynthetic process to operate much more efficiently. Researchers calculate that engineering C4 photosynthesis into rice and wheat could increase yields per hectare by roughly 50 percent; alternatively, it would be possible to use far less water and fertilizer to produce the same amount of food.Tech Innovations - Supercharged PhotosynthesisIt can be a decade or more before even simple crop modifications reach farmers, let alone changes as complex as re-engineering how plants carry out photosynthesis. But once scientists solve the C4 puzzle in a plant such as rice, they hope, the method can be extended to dramatically increase production of many other crops.

Agile Robots

Computer scientists have created machines that have the balance and agility to walk and run across rough and uneven terrain, making them far more useful in navigating human environments. Meet Atlas, a humanoid robot created by Boston Dynamics. Atlas demonstrates dynamic balance, using high-powered hydraulics to move its body in a way that keeps it steady.Tech Innovations -Agile Robots The robot can walk across an unsteady pile of debris, walk briskly on a treadmill, and stay balanced on one leg when whacked with a 20-pound wrecking ball. Just as you instinctively catch yourself when pushed, shifting your weight and re-positioning your legs to keep from falling over, Atlas can sense its own instability and respond quickly enough to right itself. Atlas is not yet ready for house and office applications because of loud noise in engines, but we can hope for it to make an appearance pretty soon.

Nike’s shoes for people with disability

After receiving a letter from a gentleman suffering from cerebral palsy requesting them for shoes which can be easily used by people who are physically challenged. After some brainstorming, Nike came up with a novel method to help the individuals.Nike's shoes for people with disabilityThey decided to make use of zips near the heals of the shoe rather than the traditional laces. This allows the user to wear and remove the shoes with much ease. These methods of innovations benefits the physically challenged people in a humongous way. Thank You Nike!!

Agricultural Drones

Relatively cheap drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities are giving farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage. The advent of such cheap and efficient drones is due to remarkable advances in technology: tiny MEMS sensors, small GPS modules and a range of digital radios.Tech Innovations - Agricultural DronesAgricultural drones are becoming a tool like any other consumer device, and we’re starting to talk about what we can do with them.More and better data can reduce water use and lower the chemical load in our environment and our food. Seen this way, what started as a military technology may end up better known as a green-tech tool.

This brings us to an end of the list of the most brilliant tech innovations that can and are changing the way we live from the most recent times.

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