Sick of the Scorching summer sun? Want to run away and stand in front of the fridge to get some chill?  Well, I have a better solution and it is as simple as this- plane pe baitho aur urr jao! Ditch the hot cities and head to the best hill stations around India that you can reach without any hassle to spend your day staring at the scenic beauties of the mother Earth. It is said that heaven is present in the sky and only way to reach it is by flying, So I am presenting you all with the list of awesome hill stations that have their own personal airport where you fly to and enjoy the luxury of heaven.


hill stations in india with flight connectivitySpeaking of Heaven you must have heard the words of Mughal Emperor Babar’s words-

“Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast hamin asto hamin asto hamin ast”

(If there is heaven on earth it is here it is here it is here!)

declaring Kashmir as the heaven on Earth what better place to experience it than the summer capital of J&K Srinagar. A place of magnificent natural beauty, historic gardens and distinctive mosques, it is without any doubt one of the best Hill stations not only in India but the World.

Places to Visit– You can roam and get enchanted by the calming and beautiful Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh, the botanical gardens during the famous Tulip festival and the splendid Badamwari Garden where you can see the almond trees in full bloom. For experiencing the calm you can go the tranquil Shankaracharya mandir, the splendid Khanqah Shah-i-Hamadan mosque, and the all beautiful Parimahal. And finally do remember to spend a day exploring the world famous life on Dal Lake and Nigheen Lake.

Best trip Duration period– Visit for at least a minimum of 4 days a good trip.

How to reach– Take a flight directly to the Srinagar International Airport from where you can get transport to travel each of these places and if you are ready to travel a bit then you can also go to other nearby hill stations as well.

  • Pahalgam

best hill stations in India with air connectivityA poster perfect destination for a Hill stations with Gurgling rivers and Snow peaks all around, Pahalgam is the perfect place for a retreat from the cruel summers.

Places to visit– Experience the scenic beauty of the triumvirate of the Chandanwari, Betaab, and the Aru valleys. You can experience the luxury of riding a pony( a real one!) to the beautiful Dabian and Baisaran  which are surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountains on one side and the thick forests on the other. You can also feel the rush by going on the unique white-water rafting down the Lidder River, Apart from these there are many other prominent tourist spots like the Tarsar Lake and places of devotion like the Sun temple and Mamaleshwar temple.

Best trip duration period– A minimum 2-day trip is needed to experience the beauty of this city.

How to reach– You can reach here by 2.5-hour ride (approx. 75 km) from the Srinagar International airport.

  • Gulmarg

Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in India

Literally meaning “The Meadow of flowers” Gulmarg is known for its unparalleled natural beauty and a very famous Ski-destination during winters, its enchanting wild flowers and Pine forests make it a breathtaking summer destination and one of the best hill stations as well.

Places to visit– you can start from going to Nigle Nallah, which originates from the melting snow of Apharwat peak and gets enamored by the aerial view of the Himalayan peaks from a one of a kind Gondola lift. Other prominent places to visit are Lien Marg, the medicinal and pristine waters of Verinag, the world famous Biosphere reserve of Gulmarg and the scenic Alpather Lake.

Best trip Duration period– A trip of at least 3 days is required for proper experience of this beautiful place.

How to reach– A 3 hour taxi ride (approx. 90 km) from the Srinagar International airport will be required to reach this city.

  • Manali

Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in India

Manali is one of the best hill stations in India especially in the scorching months of May and June. Famous for its scenic beutgy, Snow-capped Mountains, Flowery gardens, and Orchards of red and green apples, it is not difficult to imagine people gushing to this beautiful city for a summer retreat.

Places to visit– Visit the legendary Rohtang pass, the highest point on the Manali-Keylong Road. Some other amazing spots you must vist are The Calming Kalath Hot water springs, and the similar Vashist Hot water spring, the very popular Jogini Falls, and the famous Solang valley

Best trip Duration period– Plan for at least a 4-day trip to visit this amazing place.

How to reach– Fly directly to the Bhuntar Airport followed by a mere 2 hour (approx. 50km ) ride by bus or taxi to reach this world famous Hill station.

  • Dharamshala

Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in IndiaDharamshala a beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by a thick cover of deodar tree and is a major stronghold for the Tibetan refugees and the seat of the 14th Dalai lama of the Tibetan sect of Buddhism. Due to its picturesque surrounding and the presence of the Dalai Lama, this is the place you should visit among various Hill stations to clear your mind and beat the heat of summers.

Places to visit– The first place to visit in Dharamshala is place known as McLeoad ganj a hill station unto itself the place is known for many attractions including the seat of the 14th Dalai Lama, apart from that you can also visit the famous rock-cut temple of Masrur that dates back to 8th century A.D. For observing, the Tibetan and kangra valley culture you can also visit the Kangra museum and the Namgyal Monastery. You can also visit the seat and residence of one of the world’s oldest dynasty of the Katoch rulers the Kangra Fort. Apart from these, you can also visit a famous picnic spot the Dal Lake named after its eponymous counterpart in J&K

Best trip Duration period– Pack for at least a 5-day trip to visit all the tourist destinations of this city

How to reach– You can directly fly to the Dharamshala airport to reach this city.

  • Shimla

shimla- Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in IndiaThe summer refuge’ for colonial British Shimla also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ is famous for the colonial heritage buildings and British architecture at a display and the combined natural beauty of the surroundings make it the perfect destination and one of the best hill stations for a summer trip in India.

Places to visit– If you are a Bird-watcher you can visit the Himalayan Aviary where you watch many exotic species of birds, if not you can start afresh from here! Enjoy a quiet picnic at Glenn next to an enchanting stream and the beautiful tranquil  Dorje Drak monastery. Other prominent places that you must visit include the Gurkha gate, the Jhaku Hill, the Kamna Devi temple, Scandal point,  Darlaghat and the popular Solan Brewery.

Best trip Duration period– Visit for a minimum of 3 days for a good trip.

How to reach– Take a flight directly to Jubbarhatti in Shimla for reaching this beautiful city.

  • Gangtok

Gangtok Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in IndiaLocated on the Shivalik Hills and bound by the lush green forests. If you are thinking of Hill Stations then Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is a necessary to visit place while visiting the Northeastern part of India.

Places to visit– Two of the most scenic and highest lake in the world Tsomgo Lake and Gurudongmar Lake are the must if you visit Gangtok. A trip to historic Nathula pass is also necessary. Apart from these, other prominent places to visit include the popular Fambong La wildlife sanctuary, the tranquil triumvirate of the Enchey, Rumtek and Tashiding Monasteries.

Best trip Duration period– For a good trip visit for a minimum 4 days.

How to reach-Take a flight to the Bagdogra airport followed by 2.5 hours (about 75km) taxi ride to this beautiful city

  • Aizawl

Aizawl - Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in IndiaThe capital of Mizoram Aizawl is a century old city, flanked by the beautiful Tiawng River and the splendid peaks of Durtlang mountains among many hill stations this one is perfect for a relaxed and unhurried holiday.

Places to visit– Make sure you visit the lush Tiawng river that cascades down the beautiful valley. Go fishing on the Chhimtuipui river in Saiha, take a leisurely boat ride in the Tamdil lake. Also visit the Phawngpui the highest peak in Mizoram famous for rhododendrons, Orchids, exotic butterflies and mountain goats and finally Vantawang, one of the most beautiful and the highest waterfall in Mizoram.

Best trip Duration periodA minimum of 3-day trip is required for exploring this beautiful city.

How to reach– Take a flight directly to the Aizawl Airport.

  • Shillong

Shillong - Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in IndiaWith picturesque landscapes, lush green fields, and sweet smelling flowers, Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is all about natural beauty with a Colonial hospitality Combo, making it among the most visited Hill stations of North East India.

Places to visit- Famous for water sports Umaim lake created by the water of the Umaim river is a must see spot. In addition, visit the rolling meadows of Shillong golf course bordered by pine trees and you can also enjoy a boat-ride on the ward’s Lake. Other major and prominent places to go are The Shillong Peak, the very famous Elephant Falls and Sweet Falls and the Lady Hydari Park.   

Best trip Duration period– A minimum of 3- days will be required for a good trip.

How to reach- Take a flight directly to the Shillong Airport in Umroi to reach this scenic city.

  • Cherrapunji

Cherapunjii Hill Stations with Air-Connectivity in IndiaOne of the wettest land on Earth Cherrapunji a city of Meghalaya is blessed with mesmerizing hills, Waterfalls and panoramic views of the Bangladesh plains, making it one of the most memorable Hill stations to visit.

Places to visit– A trip to the Nohkalikai Falls that are one of the tallest in India is a necessary part if you visiting Cherrapunji. You can also visit other beautiful waterfalls like Dain-Thlen Falls, Mawsmai Falls, and Nohkalikai Falls. If you love trekking then you can go for very popular treks that lead to a very unique Double Decker Living Root bridge in Nongriat village

Best trip Duration period– Visit for at least 3 days for a good trip.

      How to reach– Take a flight directly to the Cherrapunji Airport.


If you want to forget everything and just fly off to La-La Land to beat the heat of the sultry summers then you should try one of these awesome hill stations that are present in your own country India. If your favorite hill station is not present in this list you are invited to let us know by commenting and after reading this if you are gearing up to fly to the promised lands, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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