Elite Special Operation Forces are some of the best-trained and strongest units a country can show off. They are trained to go where other soldiers fear to walk, discover potential threats, efficiently take out strategic targets, and conduct death-defying rescue missions. They are in the true sense, the best of the best.These military units are extremely trained to perform unconventional, usually insecure missions for a nation’s political, economic or military purposes.

Although it’s extremely difficult to compare these forces with one another, there are some units that rise above the rest in their missions and induce a bone-chilling fear in their enemies.  It’s just like trying to rank the best book to read from the huge range of genres and readers age. Here is a list of top 10 Best “SPECIAL FORCES” from around the world. All these renowned Special Forces are always surrounded by a shroud of mystery and the shadow of death, no matter where they go!!

Special Services Group (SSG), Pakistanspecial operation forces - Special Services Group (SSG), Pakistan
The SSG (Special Services Group) is a special operations force of the Pakistan Army. It shares similarities with the US Seal team and UK SAS.  The SSG considered one of the world’s best Special Forces because of their bravery and guts to take on the worst. The SSG has trained for various missions like counter-proliferation, unconventional and asymmetric warfare, special reconnaissance, hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations.

Alpha Group, Russia
Special Operation Forces - Alpha Group, RussiaAmong the Russian forces, the Alpha group strikes a chord of terror among its enemies. The Alpha unit is the most famous anti-terrorist force in Russia. Alpha forces have been crucial in many deadly hostage rescue missions. They are also responsible for the elimination of hundreds of warlords and foreign mercenaries, active militants, and their supporters. Alpha officers are armed with unique and high precision weapons and latest equipment to fight against the odds that they are up against.

Marine Commando Force (MARCOS), IndiaSpecial Operation Forces - Marine Commando Force (MARCOS), India
MARCOS (Marine Commando Force) is an elite special operations unit of the Indian Navy. It was created for conducting high danger special operations such as amphibious warfare, counter-terrorism,  hostage rescue, personnel recovery, counter-proliferation, direct action, special reconnaissance and unconventional warfare. The MARCOS is specially organized, trained and equipped for the conduct of special operations in a maritime environment.

The GIGN, FranceSpecial operation forces- The GIGN, France
The GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is a deadly special operation force of the French Armed Forces. The unit is made combat-ready to perform counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions, not just in France but also anywhere else in the world. It is famous for its swift responses and proficient fighting capability in various hostage rescue and anti-terrorism operations. GIGN is currently deployed for large-scale intervention, search and protection missions.

The Sayeret Matkal, IsraelSpecial operation forces- The Sayeret Matkal, Israel
Sayeret Matkal is another of the world’s most elite special force. They usually operate deep within enemy territory, performing their primary task that is intelligence gathering. During the selection camp, the would-be recruits endure hardcore, back-breaking training . Only the strongest and the best get in. As one of Israel’s most elite commando units, Sayeret Matkal is considered to have been involved in almost every major counter-terrorism operation since its inception in 1957.

JW GROM, Poland
Special Operation forces - JW GROM, PolandThe JW GROM (Jednostka Wojskowa GROM) is the elite counter-terrorism unit of Poland. The unit was officially activated on July 13, 1990, in response to huge terrorist threats. GROM, which stands for “thunder” is one of the five spec-op units of the Polish Armed Forces. They are trained for lightning fast and efficient response to a variety of threats and unconventional warfare roles, including anti-terrorist actions and hostage rescue.

 GSG 9, GermanySpecial Operation Forces - GSG 9, Germany
GSG 9 is the counter-terrorism and special operations forces of the German Federal Police. It was officially established in 1973. GSG 9 is deployed in multitude cases of  kidnapping, terrorism, and extortion. The group is also used to secure strategic locations, neutralize high-value targets, track down fugitives and conducting sniper operations. The unit is very active in developing and testing methods and tactics for these missions and is considered a force to be reckoned with. From 1972 to 2003 they have reportedly completed over 1,500 missions, during which they discharged their weapons only five times.

Navy SEALS, United States of America
The United States Navy’s Sea, Air, and Land Teams, recognizably known as the SEALs, are the U.S. Navy’s primary special operation forces.Special Operation Forces- Navy SEALS, United States of America The SEALs’ main function is to conduct small-unit marine military operations that originate from and return to a river, ocean, swamp, delta, or coastline. They are trained to operate in all environments (Sea, Air, and Land) and in all sorts of climates, basically in any situation. The SEALs are accomplished in a wide range of roles, including direct action, special reconnaissance, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and foreign internal defense. These forces are widely renowned and they complete their missions with such stealth that literally nobody has any idea of what they do unless thy decide to make it public.

DELTA Force, USASpecial Operation Forces- DELTA Force, USA
The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, popularly known as Delta Force, is an elite U.S. Army unit used for hostage rescue and counter-terrorism, as well as direct action and reconnaissance against high-value targets. Delta Force and its Navy counterpart, the SEAL Team Six, are the United States military’s primary counter-terrorism units and fall under the operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. It’s the best and one of the most secretive forces in the US. They can be called as the ultimate special operation force.

The SAS, United Kingdom
Special Air Service is one of the best Special Forces in the UK and the world. SAS was formed in 1941 during the Second World War and has since then served as a model for special operation forces around the world.Special Operation Forces-The SAS, United Kingdom The unit undertakes a wide variety of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and human intelligence gathering. It currently comprises of one regular regiment and two territorial regiments. Its primary tasks are counter-terrorism in peacetime and special operations in wartime. They are the best at what they do!!

This completes the list of the deadliest and well trained special operation forces from across the world. Each of these teams comprises of the best individuals the country can provide and are fully equipped to achieve every single mission given to them.


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