With Father’s Day round the corner, here we are to help you amaze your father and get that glitter on his face with the most surprising father’s day gifts ever.

Graphic Tees – You are cool. So is your Dad. Just present him with the perfect tee this Father’s Day and he’ll show you how to ace the game of coolness.


Beer Mug – If you often enjoy beer sessions with your Daddy then gift him this shoe mug picked up from the movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. He will surely like it.


‘World’s Best Dad’ Key Ring – It’s time to appreciate every single thing, however big or small he does everyday to make you smile by presenting him with the title that almost all Fathers on this planet deserve. Gift him a key ring with loads of hugs and kisses. I’m sure he’ll carry it every single day like a proud Father and it will manage a smile on his face every time he looks at it at the start of his day.


Coffee Mug – Who doesn’t love coffee? Make your dad the best coffee ever in this coffee mug and witness the instant smile it brings on his face.


Wrist Watch – Was he not on time the last time you had your Parents Teachers’ Meet? Did he miss that dance performance of yours? Or got late for a movie session? Well it’s time to bring him back on track by gifting him a wrist watch on this Father’s Day.


A Scrap Book – Making a Scrapbook is very common when it comes to friends but the idea takes a back seat in our minds when it comes to Father’s Day. Bring back all the sweet memories that you share with your father, that photograph from the last time you went on a picnic, that weird t-shirt he tried on just for you or how you almost took away his breath during those crazy driving sessions. It will, no doubt, strengthen your bond and make him feel really special.


A Wallet – All Dad’s are the same. They’ll buy a thousand new things for you but are too busy to look at what they need. A rugged wallet works when it’s about him but you should have the best of everything. This Father’s Day, gift your Dad a cool and funky wallet loaded with memories from the past.


Shaving Kit – Well, it may be your Dad’s best friend, for he needs it every time before that important meeting, or when he has to look his best. A shaving kit is just the perfect gift for your father.


A Book – Gifting a book can never go wrong and if your Dad’s a reader, then there you go. It will turn out to be one of the best things that you can ever think of. Just know where his interest lies, his favorite genre and get him the best read.


A Morning Tea – We all know that nothing can ever be enough to express our love and care for our dear ones. Also we can, in no way reciprocate to what they do for us. It’s the little things we do now and then to make them feel special, to let them know that we care. Nothing can be better than a morning tea prepared with all the love, affection and respect that you have for your father. Go different this Father’s Day.

moring tea for parents

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