Swimming has always been considered as the perfect exercise. The prime reason is because it exercises majority of the body. It has major physical, mental and social benefits. That makes it a complete package in all. The best part is that it can be done by both the elderly and the young.  Also there are no harmful side-effects to this brilliant exercise. And since it does not require any fancy equipment, it makes it even better.
Imagine gliding through a blue expanse of water with virtually no effort. It is really a very pleasant experience and thoroughly enjoyable. There are some very obvious health benefits to this exercise but its usefulness goes deeper still. So let’s take a plunge and explore some of them.Swimming: An athelete's choice

Increasing flexibility of body:
Taking a swim helps you in increasing muscular flexibility. As you swim, your entire body stretches and this helps in better flexibility. While swimming your legs act like fins and they tend to stretch out to reduce drag from the water. This also simulates blood circulation.

Burning tons of calories:
Swimming is best known for burning huge amounts of calories. A single lap in an average pool burns on an average about 100 calories. And if you try the exhausting butterfly stroke you burn around 250 calories. And this equals to about a 30 min brisk jog. So if you want to slender down then swimming is a great option.

BBenefits of swimmingBuilds better muscle tone and bone mass:
Studies have proven that swimming is a really efficient way to get an even muscle tone. It helps in building bone structure. As you swim our stomach tightens to power our legs, stabilizing our core. This makes it one of the best aerobic exercises. It is a great body workout. It allows you to build cardio-respiratory fitness.

Induces a mental calm:
When you go for a dive, the water acts like a natural stimulant for you to de-stress. You will tend to feel more energized and focused over a long period of time with regular swims. It helps in boosting self-awareness and body balance. A session in the pool increases endorphine production in the body, which helps in elevating your good mood.

Social benefits:
Swimming is an amazing family group event. It helps in great bonding within the family members. It is a brilliant way to spend some quality family time with hardly any extravagant expenses. Knowing how to swim is a life-saving survival skill, and might come handy to save oneself or another soul.Swimming children

The art of swimming has numerous benefits which anyone can avail without any special requirements. This makes it one of the biggest untapped resources for the overall fitness of every individual. So stop acting like a couch potato and take a dive into a swimming pool. But remember to do so with proper training and practice.

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