A disaster never asks for permission before entering, rather it knocks down the door and takes you along with it! There is no reason or question of how and why it happens, it just does. And in moments where you have to survive, the only thing you have are your own wits and guts.
In our world, everything comes easy or rather at least the basic amenities do. So we often take them for granted and when faced against the odds we lose hope. Imagine being stranded on a lonely island or lost in the snowy mountains or off the path in a forest. Though these situations might not seem important but that’s what many people thought until it happened to them. It’s never wrong to be prepared. And probably these simple tips can help you survive the worst.

Communication is Paramount:

Please please please always tell someone where you are going and for how long. So that if you do get stuck in the wilderness, then that person will notice your absence. Believe me, this improves the chances of you being found by a huge margin.Keep calm and survive the wild

Keep a Cool Head:

Panic can never help, no matter how bad your condition is. You should always stay optimistic and keep a calm head. Always, understand the situation you are in and think about the options you have!! You might feel scared but always try to stay calm and positive. Remember “Where there is will, there’s a way”!! If you stay calm and evaluate your options then it is definite that you will find a way to survive.

Take Stock:

Collect everything you have. Do not leave out anything just because you think they are worthless. Because at any point you might need anything. And at that moment probably one of those odd things might just help you out. Do a little gathering but always stay vigilant for any danger.

A Shelter:

Shelter in the wildYou obviously cannot build a house with amazing amenities in the middle of nowhere but you can make do with what you have to survive. A simple tent-like structure made of branches or even a covered hammock can go a long way in protecting you from the elements. You need to stay covered and protected because it’s easy to fall victim to dehydration on a sunny day or hypothermia on a wet one. Also, this shelter will help you in staying away from the ground dwelling creatures!!

Importance of Aqua:

Water for survivalWithout water, you can barely stay alive for a day at max, so finding freshwater should be on the top of your list. Remember to never trust stagnant murky pools, as they could be home to crocs. A small stream or a river is a better choice. And if you wish to stay away from diseases always boil the water that you want to drink. It is tough to get 100% pure water but you can filter it by passing the water through some burnt charcoal, which will purify it.

A Nice Meal:

Food gatheringWhen you are in a survival situation, food need not always be easy to find. And being a strict vegetarian in such situations could prove fatal. You must always be careful about the number of calories you are losing. Never pick any fruits or berries without having any idea about them as they could be poisonous. And if you are trying hunting or fishing, then beware because at any moment a hunter can become a prey!

A Nice Crackling Fire:

Nights are often very cold and if you are not prepared they can even be deadly. A good fire is the best way to stay away from the cold and animals. There are many ways to start a small fire like friction, magnifying lens or phone battery. You will also need really dry wood and tinder to start the fire. And green wood is unsuitable for it.

A Tool of Some Sort:

Swiss army knifeIt is always recommended that you carry some sort of pocket knife or a Swiss knife at all times. You might never feel the need of it. But the world is filled with unknown dangers and you will be safer with it. In case you are stuck in the wild then, even a small strong piece of sharpened wood or bone is an effective tool. A tool always comes handy when you need it.

Getting Rescued:

Getting rescued in the wild
Surviving against the odds is very important but so is getting rescued. During clear skies, a huge smoky fire can be seen for miles around. So you can build a huge fire and regularly feed it some leaves to produce black smoke too. In case you have to attract the attention of a ship you can try waving a flag of sorts. Always use a bright and distinct piece of cloth. One can also try to use a shiny surface to reflect the sunlight towards a ship to get their attention. Aluminium foil works best for this.

No matter what kind of precautions one take, one can never have enough of it. You might come across a thousand new problems every day, but the important thing is to make smart choices and survive.
Even if you fail always back yourself up and think on your feet.
Here I would like to recall what Bear Grylls said, “Survival can be summed up in three words – Never give up. That’s the heart of it. Keep trying.”.

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