Adolescence is a chapter of struggle, anxiety and tension. So, proper care is required in their all round development. For Proper Development of Adolescent parents and teachers should focus on –

Motor Development

motor development

An adolescent should be provided the education for his motor development. He should be encouraged to indulge in various sport activities. These games and sports will help in proper motor development of the individual.


Education of Psychology

Psychology for adolescents

Teachers and parents should be able to understand the psychology of an adolescent. It is essential to sort out problems and their management. They should provide the knowledge of psychology to the adolescent, because many problems can only be solved by the adolescent himself.

Vocational Guidance


Adolescents should be provided with vocational guidance by the Teachers. This guidance should be provided keeping in view their interests, capabilities, aptitude and intelligence. This guidance is must because many adolescents find it difficult to select their vocations.


Sex Education

adolescent Problems

We are living in such type of society, where sex education is not provided properly. However, it should be taught in schools and colleges. An adolescent is attracted to opposite sex. Most of the adolescents develop wrong concepts about sex. Teachers as well as parents should provide sex education to adolescents without hesitation. They should be allowed to move freely and mix up with the opposite sex.


Moral and Religious Education

Religious education

Moral and religious education will gift these adolescents with mental peace. Although religious education should not be included in educational curriculum, It’s better if it is imparted at home.

Adolescent moral values

But moral education should be provided in educational institutions. Problems like Anxiety, worry and indiscipline can be checked through moral education.

Suitable Environment for Adolescent

Adolescents should be provided suitable environment for growth and development. They should be given a proper balanced diet, because malnutrition creates a number of problems. lunch

They must be taught how to behave and live in society. Parents must look after the health problems of their adolescents.


Social Education

Social ed. for adolescentSocial education has its own importance in life of an adolescent. Social virtues are necessary for leading a social life. Social education includes teaching the adolescents, how to adjust themselves in society. A man’s existence depends on society but, too much dependency is also not good for a better living.

Adolescent talking to parent

Teachers and parents play a significant role in life of an adolescent. They should always try to solve their problems and guide them to an uplifted future.

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