Are you also one of the people who are trying to solve the mystery how your dear friend stays up whole night and yet wake up at the crack of the dawn, or how are they able to function like a normal human being even though they have been awake whole night solving your problem or had been helping you with your assignments. At one point you might even think that your friend might be possessing vampire-like abilities, but in further research you might come to a conclusion that your friend might be suffering from Insomnia. It is very common college students, as most of us try to complete or assignments as well as study at night, therefore completely disrupting the sleep cycle of the body. In layman’s words Insomnia is nothing but inability to sleep or finding it difficult to sleep.

Use of Psychoactive Drugs:


Artificial stimulus, such as medication, herbs, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine and other drugs which are consumed for recreation are very common cause of Insomnia as it creates havoc with the neurons in the brain.



Many medicines which helps in alcohol and smoking with-drawl or sedatives constitutes chemicals such as benzodiazepines, which completely disrupts the sleep cycle of the patient. Therefore, it is quite common to see people who are trying to do away with smoking and drinking habits suffering from Insomnia.



During menstruation and menopause, women tend to have major mood swings as well as they experience uneven sleeping patterns, therefore they also suffer from Insomnia preceding the hormonal shift during this period

Situations from Day to Day:

Insomnia Treatments

Assignments, projects, financial issues, employment problem even childbirth, and many more common life events may cause Insomnia. Here the common factor in all such life situation is stress, which is the most common reason why the new generation of youth to suffer from Insomnia.



Here the addiction is not only of alcohol or drugs but also internet addiction, the younger generation is quite prone to internet addiction, especially with rise in sales of i-phones, androids, mac-books and other digital technological devices. It is quite common for people to stay awake till the  crack of dawn, doing nothing but surfing the internet. So even young generation is also increasingly suffering from Insomnia.

Medical Conditions:


Some people also suffer from medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes because of the treatment one went through after major operation or accident, one might find it difficult to sleep. Insomnia is therefore quite common but rarely noticed.



Setting a proper time for sleeping and waking up, help in countering insomnia. The set paradigm helps the brain to recognize the sleep pattern and follow it.

Non-Pharmacological Strategies:


Similar to hypnotic medication of Insomnia, it is long lasting treatment. Insomnia is better treated with such strategies rather than prescribed medication as that might lead to an addiction to the sleeping pills.



One should set the limit to the usage of internet in a day, and try to avoid using internet after bed time. Also one should try to complete their work well in advance as to reduce stress and anxiety. The effects of Insomnia, hence can be reduced to great extent.

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