How to know if a girl likes you? Confused? Perplexed? Thinking of how to discover? Well, girls communicate through a million ways emotionally and physically. You just need to be a bit more observant to catch hold of those ways. So here we are, just a scroll away, at your rescue.

#1. She longs for your presence: She often calls you to meet? Often makes plans with you? Often wishes to hangout with you? Well then, she is definitely into you. She enjoys your presence and wants to spend most of her time with you which definitely means that you are special and most worthy of her time.IMG_20160313_194832

#2. Plays with her hair: She often plays with her hair or does something out of the picture? That doesnt mean she is insane. That’s just one of her tricks to grab your attention only if you are wise enough to notice.


#3. Laughs: Ever caught her laughing at your most weirdest jokes? If your ‘not so funny jokes’ make her laugh, you’ve got her for sure. That’s her way of telling that you’ve succeeded in your plan of winning her heart and is waiting for you to make your move.


#4. She ‘accidentally’ bumps into you: Girls are always very conscious of who they touch. And if she bangs into you by mistake, that may be intentional dude, just another of her majestic signals.


#5. You often catch her staring at you: She often makes direct eye contact with you? Often smiles at you? Then she is certainly attracted towards you. She may either hold her gaze and make the first move or pull away quickly if nervous and not yet ready to share her feelings. Anyway, she likes you.

signs that a girl is into you

#6: She takes interest in all your activities: Does she question you every now and then about what you did, where you were and everything that she could possibly ask? That’s a sure sign that she is interested in you. She would want to know all about your likes and dislikes and would even try to take interest in your hobbies.


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