When you are in love, there is a desire to share it with the world. Dinner for two at Florence. A quiet boat trip down the river Danube. An afternoon lost in the silent safari in the African grasslands. The mystic sunset at the Ipanema beach at Rio. The long night hours spent gazing stars in Hawaii. You start to fantasize yourself and your love, in all such romantic and picturesque places!!  Whether you’ve visited these spots, you plan to go, or you’re just an incorrigible dreamer, they’re certain to get you in the mood for love. Here is a brief guide of top 6 romantic destinations across the globe.

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Venice, Italy
It is a place that truly leaves a mark in the beautiful world of love. For all the right reasons it is called the most romantic city of Italy, attracting people by millions. A graceful gondola ride along the Grand Canal is sure to pump up the feeling of love. The city has its own charm which speaks for itself.


Paris, France
The name is more than enough to excite the young lovers!! It is considered the love capital of the world. It is a place that remains etched in everyone’s heart as beacon of love!! A pleasant evening spent with a glass of wine beside the River Seine, is every couple’s relationship goal!! The city has much to offer and many memories to make.

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Taj Mahal, India
One cannot simply talk about love, and not think of the biggest memorial of love, a teardrop on the face of time- Taj Mahal!!! A renowned wonder of the world, the mausoleum is one of the most remarkable places to feel the true spirit of love!! With its adorned white marble walls, it is truly a romantic getaway on a full moon’s night.


Casablanca, Monaco
From the endless Sahara Desert to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, from beautiful beaches to the eternal snow-covered Atlas Mountains, from modern cities and resorts to ancient Berber villages – all lovers of exotic experience are welcome in Morocco. It is a great place to rejuvenate and rekindle your feelings of love for your beloved one!!

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The Maldives
Bright sun, endless beaches and the crystal clear sea, and it’s just the start!! Awe inspiring coral reefs, warm lagoons and deserted islands are the cherry on the cake. With its mesmerizing beauty and tranquil surroundings, it’s a great place to make many beautiful memories with the love of your life.

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Powder soft white beaches, glittering azure sea at the perfect temperature and balmy weather makes it a complete package for a romantic destination. It has all the right ingredients for a romantic escape, private, not too touristic, relaxed comfort and off the beaten track!! 

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