If you’re like me, you probably have a ton of old stuff lying around your house. They are not doing a thing but taking up space, but you’re either too busy (read lazy!!), sentimental or just have more important things to deal with. Well if you’re looking for a little inspiration or a new home project, here are 10 creative ways to reuse and give new life to your old things.

Transforming your things can be quite a challenge, but you can create superb home decorative items with damaged household items. Every household throws out a huge trash bag daily, imagine if we multiply this amount considering every household. If we can reduce trash, we can definitely achieve big savings.
There’s a pretty huge list of this sort but hopefully, a handful jumps out and sparks an idea for you and your home!!!

  • Recycle old light bulbs as lamps

    A very easy way to reuse the light bulbs and also add that interior designing touch.
    Clean out the electrical parts of the bulb and fill it with ethanol. Attach a cotton wick and seal the opening. Your personal lamp is ready to use.Recycle old light bulbs as lamps

  • Turn old picture frames into serving trays

    It is one of the most creative ways to utilize those old frames.
    Just slide in a colorful vibrant piece of paper as the background in the frame. Then watch your guests envy you for your trays.Turn old picture frames into serving trays

  • Reuse your old TV set as an aquarium

    This trick allows you to put up an exquisite and beautiful showpiece in your living room.
    The simple way to do this would be to first waterproof the insides of the TV. And then you can fill it up like an ordinary aquarium complete with fishes and allow your guests to just marvel at it!!Reuse your old TV set as an aquarium

  • Bicycle wheel frames

    A quirky and out-of-the-box home décor, something that you have not really heard of!!
    Just put up some wooden boards on the wall and then fix the old bicycle rims on it. Now you are at your own freedom to cover up the wheel with your wonderful memories!!Bicycle wheel frames

  • Glass marbles into fence décor

    A truly beautiful and bewitching sight to look at whenever there is any light around.
    Simply fill in all your holes in the fence with glass marbles of different sizes and colors. Later watch your fence come magically alive at dawn and dusk!!Glass marbles into fence décor

  • Turning bottle caps into tea lights

    A dozen of these in your room and your romantic spot for your date is ready!!
    Just pour in a little of molten scented wax into the unused bottle caps along with a tiny wick. And as each of these little lights glow, watch their peaceful flicker!!Turning bottle caps into tea lights

  • Old ladder into a bookshelf

    A really good way to reuse that rickety old ladder of yours that you were anyways going to dump.
    The only thing you have to do is hammer in the ladder to an empty wall. And line it up with your favorites to leave a lasting impression on all who see it. Old ladder into a bookshelf

  • Computer CPU into a mailbox

    A true eye-catcher, this is a funky way to reuse your old computer parts.
    Just empty out all the electronic stuff from the inside. Then just fix it to a sturdy pole. Voilà your personal computer transformed into your personal mailbox!!Computer CPU into a mailbox

  • Turning old tennis racquets into mirrors

    Who doesn’t appreciate a stylish swanky mirror?? And a sports enthusiast would love this one!!!
    All you have to do is just stick a mirror of the right size and shape to your racquet and you are good to go!! Your lovely mirror is ready to adorn the wall!!Turning old tennis racquets into mirrors

  • Turning old wrenches into wall hooks

    A creative idea to begin with and it really puts your tools to good use!!
    With just a twist and turn, and a couple of screws you wall hooks are ready for your clothes!!Turning old wrenches into wall hooks

These are just some of the creative ways by which not only can you make your house a better place to live and at the same time also help your home, Mother Earth to continue its existence!!!
So next time you get an opportunity to reuse and recycle the little things around you, don’t forget to do your bit for the world!!!

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