If you have been in a relationship before and faced relationship issues , well then this post is for you!As said, men are from Mars and women, from Venus, problems are bound to arise when they both meet. When two people from their own different worlds decide to come together, it is very likely that the clash of ideas and habits may lead to small fights which should not be taken too seriously and should be worked upon with utmost love and care for a long lasting and healthy relationship.Few factors and mistakes that people do which later develop into relationship problems are listed below.


Time poses a big problem when it comes to relationships. People often complain about their partner failing to consecrate the desired time for the strengthening of the bond between them which results into a communication gap making them complete strangers in a week or two. Best you can do is to somehow manage your time set and be with your loved ones when they really need you.

Time: relationship problems

Online Vs Offline:

Relationships that take off from social media sites and are based on mere texting often face problems in the real world. They tend to be better partners online and find themselves in awkward situations when they meet. Silence befalls them and they fail to connect on an emotional level.

Online Vs Onlife : relationship problemsThe Return of Ex:

Even when aware of each others’ past experiences, couples fail to trust each other when someone’s ex comes into picture. The feeling of insecurity always clings to them making them suspicious which can affect their relationship disastrously. Loosing faith can lead to loosing your partner forever. Acting wisely in such situations is the only way out.

The Return of Ex : relationship problems

The Commitment Fizz:

It’s not unlikely for a couple to have different degrees of wilingness when it comes to commitment or marriage. May be they need more time to make one of the most important decisions of their life which may be misunderstood by the other partner leading them to think that they are falling out of love. Where one starts dropping hints, the other doesn’t know how to react, thereby creating confusion and problems.

The Commitment Fizz

When your relationship is not on the top of your priority list:

When this happens, there are chances of your relationship breaking apart, making the road rockier. Going back in time will surely help. Make your partner feel special like you did the first time. Do not let other things dull the sparkle of your relationship. Manage your work and be more understanding towards your partner and help them grow.

When your relationship is not on the top of your priority list:

Friends and Family:

Do not let the opinion of your friends and relatives be a guide to how you handle yours relationship. Listen to your own self when in the middle of a conflict.

whispering:Friends and Family:


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