In India for quality standards of products we generally deal with two terms – ISI Mark and BIS Hallmark. These two standards vary with the type or category of product. This system is governed and controlled by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) formerly know as Indian Standards Institution (ISI). It is the National Standards Body of India working under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India and was established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986.

Since we live in a developing nation so it is must for everyone that we should about ISI Mark and BIS Hallmark.


ISI Mark/BIS Standard Mark

For certification of industrial products ISI Mark is used. This mark suggests that product is quality assured by BIS. ISI Mark is compulsory for certifying products to be sold in India, which includes electrical appliances (especially wiring cables, switches, electric motors, kitchen appliances, heaters etc.), LPG cylinders, LPG valves, Cement, automotive tyres etc.

Important aspect is that, in today’s world some of the manufactures just fool us around by using fake ISI Marks. So it is must for us to know what is the actual ISI Mark and what are it’s compositions.

Above pictures depicts the correct format of ISI Mark. Two things to be especially noticed are:

  1. The number written above the ISI logo is the number of the Indian Standard for that particular product.
  2. The number written below the ISI logo is the mandatory 7 digit license number, (CM/L-XXXXXXX) required by the BIS.


Some examples of fake ISI Marks are:


If you do find any fake ISI markings on the product, please do make a complaint at the following details:

Dy Director General (SPCAD & Enforcement)
Telefax: 011 23236584

Room No. 205, Manak Bhawan,

9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,

New Delhi-110002


Sc F & Head (Enforcement Department)
Telefax: 011 23232636

Room No. 560, Mankalaya,

9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,

New Delhi-110002
Complaint on Web at

BIS Hallmark


BIS Hallmark is a system of hallmarking of gold and silver jewellery sold in India for certifying the purity of metal. If BIS Hallmark is present on the jewellery then it means that it is certified and quality assured according to set of standards laid by Bureau of Indian Standards. Interestingly India is the second largest market of jewellery in the World.

BIS Hallmark of gold jewellery consists of several components:

  1. BIS logo.
  2. Three digit number depicting quality of gold. Each number has it’s own significance which is as follows:
  3. Logo of assaying centre.
  4. Code denoting the data of hallmarking.
  5. Logo/code of the jeweller.

Regarding any product certification issue, please visit Certification Marks page of BIS and in case you come across any fake BIS Hallmarking issue, then please do register your complaint on BIS Complaint Registration Page.

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