This is for those who all love to hang out with their friends and are much more interested in exploring new things. Those who love adventures in their life should visit this places. These will add some best moments in your life with your “Besties”.


Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Pondicherry - Places To Visit With Friends

Pondi it’s the place every college students and friends will visit once in their life. The sea shore, the beach, the waves of the sea give you always a refreshing and just a new experience to your life. The city is neat and clean. There are lots of options of food and especially everyone should try the famous French food there.




Goa - Places To Visit With Friends

In every group of friends there is one friend who always want to party for any good or bad reason. This is the place for those who loves party. Beach party, night parties and here many casino are also there. Those people who love clubbing and want to have some water sports then this place is best for them.



Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort - Places To Visit With Friends

Every dark night has its own speciality, friends use to talk about the Ghost. This is the place in Rajasthan which is called as the most haunted place of the India. This is the place where friends can hang out at the fort and will add up with a great experience in their life.




Andaman - Places To Visit With Friends

A journey inside the deep blue sea with friends will be a best and once in the life time experience. Scuba diving is the most famous attraction of this place. People use to visit this place and enjoying there weekends by exploring a new world inside the sea.




Rishikesh - Places To Visit With Friends

This is the place which will make you to go with the flow with your best buddies. River rafting is most popular here, all people from the country come here to enjoy this wonderful experience of the life. Which gives them lots and lots of the memories to be cherished in their life.




Coorg - Places To Visit With Friends

In our life we dream of going for the trip to other countries with friends. This is the Scotland of India. This is the beautiful hill station of the Karnataka which will give you a great feel. And definitely you have lots of places to visit and best place for the nature lovers too.




Lonavala - Places To Visit With Friends

This is the best place for all the friends staying nearby Mumbai and Pune. This is a small but mesmerizing hill station of the Maharashtra. This place is also famous for some of the stories related to the ghost and will add lots of enjoyment to your trip. You will never forget the sunrise seen from this place in your life.



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