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Endangered Animals From Around The World

It’s very unfortunate but it is a fact that we are slowly killing, the animals for our own selfish demands! In this process we are disrupting the natural balance and believe me when I say that our day of reckoning is coming. And unless we do something to right the wrongs, we will never have a happy ending.
Here is a list of some of the most critically endangered animals which are on the path of extinction!!

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Survive The Wild: Some Simple Tips

A disaster never asks for permission before entering, rather it knocks down the door and takes you along with it! There is no reason or question of how and why it happens, it just does. And in moments where you have to survive, the only thing you have are your own wits and guts.

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Drinks to keep the summer heat away

As summer comes it brings along with it the deadly heat. But it also brings along with it various yummy drinks to drive away the crazy heat. Here are some drinks that will keep you cool throughout the summers.

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Indian Street Food That Will Make You Hungry Anytime

Who doesn’t eat street food? We all do. Some of us might eat them occassionally while many of us enjoy them almost daily. Today our markets are awash with street food, so this article will help you find the topmost street food which is tasty, somewhat healthy and easily available.

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10 Reasons to Tour Mumbai

If you had to describe Mumbai in one word, what would it be? Food? Culture? Heritage? Bollywood? Actually, there are endless descriptions. Touring Mumbai is nothing less than a movie experience. The pace with which the city moves cannot be defined in words. With its lovely chaotic streets, surprising contrasts, impressive colonial buildings and colourful atmosphere,

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Most Expensive Things From Around The World

What if I told you that you won a lottery of over 10 million dollars? What would you do with it? Would you give it to charity? Or would you travel to exotic places? Or perhaps you would like to buy something expensive? Or maybe you’ll just put it in a bank and let it grow! Well whatever you might like to do with it, here I am with a list of certain daily things with a mind blowing and mind boggling price tags!

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