The beautiful jewel of your face is your bright smile. And it is not surprising to see many people to take up on whitening their teeth. Teeth whitening has become so popular that it has actually come up as a very popular fashion trend. Teeth are that part of your personality that lets you give an amazing first impression as we all know first impression is usually have to do with your looks.

Teeth whitening is developing into a full-fledged industry boosted by great promotion if whitening of teeth by your favorite artists and actors, but what most people fail to consider is how the whitening is achieved. Most whitening of teeth treatment constitute use of chemicals that may have other side effects. So here are few natural and easy way of getting pearly white teeth that will boost your personality without harming you.

Strawberry With Salt and Baking Soda


No these are not ingredients for some dessert. Some strawberries pinch of salt and half teaspoon of baking soda, a perfect natural paste to remove plaque and stains to whiten your teeth. Keep the paste on your teeth for few minutes and see your teeth turn white.

Turmeric Paste

teeth whitening

Not exactly a toothpaste but a paste with one quarter of turmeric powder and 1/8th of melted coconut oil, you will get bright white teeth. Yes, turmeric stains are hard to remove from sink and cloth so be careful while using it to whiten the times, some particles of turmeric are left on teeth, which can be easily removed by brushing them away or proper rinsing of mouth.

Oil Pulling

teeth whitening methods

Or commonly known as oil pulling technique to whiten the teeth. This is the most known around the world and widely used to get beautiful white teeth. All you need to do is just before brushing your teeth you need to put a bit of coconut oil in your mouth and spread it on your teeth by swirling and pulling through the teeth, rinse and then brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste

Apple Cider Vinegar

Teeth Whitening methods

Yes, apple cider with half a teaspoon of baking soda can work as magic to remove yellow stains from your teeth. Though this mixture should be only used once or twice in a week because frequent use will start deteriorating the enamel from your teeth which will result in further yellowing of your teeth.


teeth whitening methods

Even though this has been in lots of controversies, but it is proven to be a fool proof teeth whitening product. Activated charcoal powder should be mixed with a small amount of water and that should be swirled around the teeth and rinsed after few minutes. Activated charcoal has properties to absorb stains and components that yellow the teeth hence giving you a beautiful white teeth.

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