Words fail me when I try to describe the kind of person a mother is to her child. It is rightly said that a woman always exists but it’s only when the child is born that the mother is born. A mother and her child have a special bond that only they can understand. You can fool most of your friends most of the time, but you can’t fool your mom. She sees right through you and always knows what’s wrong. To a mother her child means the world to her and will go to any lengths to protect him, but for the child his mum might not always mean the world but is always a huge chunk of it!

The following are some of the reasons for which you’ll always stick with your mum for being your bff.

She knows you inside out. She knows what you are thinking and when you are thinking it. No matter what avatar of The Invisible Man you take she always gets the better of you, every-single-time. No point in trying this stunt at home!mother knows it all - mothers day

Being able to talk to your mum about everything and she’ll take it all in without a shred of judgmental attitude. You can always depend on her to not only listen to all your sob stories and all your happy ones, but also to share her stories and lessons too. AHA- Beat that psychotherapist!mothers day

Whenever you want to give up she is on the sidelines cheering for you, encouraging you to keep going. She is always the cheerleader, when you are feeling down or when you think you can no longer keep pushing ahead. She will always be there to back you up.

And try as you may, you can never hold a grudge against her no matter who is wrong or right (which is more or less often you). One look at each other’s face and you know it doesn’t matter anymore (it’s either that or your tummy is growling and you are lost in the kitchen 😛 ).mothers day

When you are at the world’s end and feel that the world is against you, she will fight for you till the end. We all remember Molly Weasley giving the short end of the stick to Bellatrix Lestrange- funnily enough that’s the first memory that comes to my mind when I think of mothers fighting for their children. But it is the holy truth that when it comes to their children it only takes a mother a moment to transform into the tigress protecting her cubs.mother protecting her child

She’s your rock and you know you would be lost without her. No matter what storm pops in your path, a timely advice from your mum is sometimes all it takes to calm it all down. You know deep inside that most of the time what she says is usually right no matter what stand you take. You can perhaps call it experience or intuition but they have this magic to truly understand a situation and provide the best solution for it.happy mothers day

She accepts you the way you are, never making you feel out of place. She knows each and every one of your imperfections and loves you all the more for them. Her love for you is unparalleled and pure. She knows your strengths and all of your weaknesses, and following her advices always makes you a better person.Mother playing with her child

She always has your best interests at heart. No matter how angry or irritated you might feel at her at any point of your life, always remember your mum has a heart of gold. Every step that your mum takes in your life is always to help you out.

She gets you and all your stupid poor jokes. Even though your friends would kill you for that poor joke, but your mum’s crystal laugh will always be there for you. (though it’s hard to say that she will understand you every single time but she will give it an honest try :P) . No matter what you present to her she will always try to understand your view and give an opinion on that.mothers day

At the end of the day you know she’s there to pick you up and give you the gentle bear hug that you need. No matter how bad your day gets, no matter who you are up against, you will always have a place in her lap. She will always fuss over you and prompt you to eat some more. She will tell you to get a better haircut or tell how weak you look and should be eating more.

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