It is one of the horrifying experiences to see your friend’s eyes roll up as he goes through excruciating pain and starts praying, sitting behind you in school bus. Migraine aches are not something to take lightly, they should be addressed well in time. They usually start as severe headaches for the very short span of time. As times fly it may reduce or may become a recurrent headache. Studies shows that women tend to suffer from migraine more than men. Here is the list of some interesting facts about it that will help you to understand this primary headache disorder.



The body of migraineur always send a warning of the approaching migraines, maybe few hours earlier of the attack, sometimes a few days earlier. The warnings could be in form of mood swings, constipation, irritability mood changes and food cravings.


triggers migraine

Triggering differ from person to person, for some it might be the food items that have been cultured, fermented, pickled or marinated, and then, for some it might be the substances such as caffeine, aspartame, or monosodium glutamate

Chronic Migraine:


Yes, chronic migraine is a reality, the migraineur might suffer from migraine attacks 15 days in a month and this goes on till 6 months. It is considered a disabling medical illness. The risk of stroke and heart rate also increase.


frequency migraine

Migraine ranks in top 3 prevalent health conditions worldwide. Women suffer from it than men. Not only adults but children are also vulnerable to these severe headaches. Yet more than 50% of cases are not recorded. Hence it is one of the most common under-treated and under-diagnosed disability.


botox migraine

A very common and known beauty treatment, botox has been used as “off-label” temporary treatment for chronic migraine in adults. As it is quite an expensive treatment, only few of the rich can afford the botox injections in span of three months.


exercise migraine

Yup, like most of the ailments, migraine can be prevented by exercising. Exercising not only keeps one physically fit but also ensures that stress hormones that triggers the migraine aches are tackled down.


medication migraine

People who prefer migraine medication are in for some bad news. Medication might result in overuse or a rebound state in which the medicines gives relief for short span of time.


cure migraine

Well there is no known cure for migraine but, one can effectively keep in track of the triggers that initiate these headaches by writing a diary. Also consulting with your doctor will help in controlling and preventing.

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