Yes, it is true that a structure made out of bricks, cement and iron is not called a home but only a house. But just filling up your house with people would not make it a home either. A roof under which you share your life with few other loved ones is a true home. Every family has problems, you might find your way of thinking totally different from your parents, but in the end they still support you and you love them for that. In this fast paced life we somehow take our loved ones for granted, and hence the connection of trust and love is lost. If you also crave for the same old happy family, here is the list of few tips that will surely help you to blossom the love and care between your loved ones.



It sounds very simple, after all you only have to speak to your loved ones about topics revolving around you and them. But this is exactly the people of our generation find difficult to do, they hesitate to share their problems and worries with their family. In a happy family everyone should be able to express themselves without any fear or hesitancy from little members to the elders.

Dine Together

Dine Together

Another very easy and common tip, try to have at least one meal of the day together with your loved ones. A happy family not only love to dine together but also makes plans for weekends, maybe for picnics or movies. So to increase the happy quotient try to indulge in activities in which every member of family can participate.

Story Tellers

Story Telling

Try to tell stories of family history or revive dome memories from days past. It is okay if you don’t feel like telling stories but always listen to others. Let your kids tell you how their day went or listen to your parents or grandparents tell you all about their days. In a happy family everyone express their feelings and at the same time each member also listen to on other.

Family time

Family Time

Let your children mingle with your parents, that is let the grandparents spoil your kids with love and care. In a happy family it is quite common to see a strong bond between children and their grandparents. Grandparents have many life lessons to share and they also make it a point that the kids work on their studies and at the same time remain active and sporty.

Spend time in nature

Family Outing

Try to select places with scenic beauties and lots of outdoor activities for your next vacations. The nature has magical power to heal and relax your soul. A happy family comes more closer in a natural surroundings.

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