Who was the first all powerful and infallible superhero that you idolized and was in awe of? Was it the Superman? Nope, maybe later. The Batman? Not the first one, Spiderman? Naah didn’t know who he was at that time, Iron-man? Nyet, didn’t knew who he was before Robert downey Jr. came with the movie, or our own personal Shaktimaan? Nada, maybe the second best but definitely not the first one. For all of us whether we admit it or not the first and foremost super-hero was our own Father. And why not? He could do everything lift very heavy objects (including you!), grant all your wishes, protect you from harm’s way and a lot more. What more does a superhero does other then look good in ridiculous costumes then what our father’s did? Yes, you guessed it right nothing. From a newborn baby to being a full-grown adult the love and care department is handled by the mother but the most powerful protection, guidance and security department is handled by ones father. As the Father’s day is round the clock, and you want to do something special I come to you all with some important suggestion or hacks that will help you in making your father proud and happy not that day but for all your life. So be attentive to become the Son/Daughter of the year for the next few years!

Understand Him

understand him

Try to understand his feelings, he loved you when you kept on crying whole night, make him miss parties, make his home a mess, misuse or break his stuff, or kept shouting whole day. He loved you without any conditions. Sometimes he wants you to live life his way but the reason behind it is to make your future and life safe and happy. Try to think in matured way and from his point of view instead of always trying to talk back and rebel. You will then know that the gray hair on his head is not a style statement but a sign of experience and life that he has seen and is keen on sharing with you.

Be Obedient

be obedient

Obey you father. Make this point in mind that whatever your father is doing or making you do is just good for you. He will not make any decision that may be against you.  So respect their every decision. Many of the youngsters talk rudely to their parents. Make sure when you point your index finger towards anybody, rest are pointing towards yourself. Always talk to him in a peaceful and calm manner. Note that your tone of speaking should be polite. Your father will be glad to see the well-mannered and obedient behavior of his child.

Be Responsible

Responsible child

If you are a responsible child of your father, he will not have to keep an eye on you every time. That is what you are doing, where you are going etc. Be a responsible, trustworthy and reliable person of your family. Always speak the truth to your father. Never hide anything. Being responsible doesn’t means you are still a kid. Do what you want to do but make sure that you don’t go beyond the boundaries or things that would hurt him. If you have taken some responsibility then do it with your great enthusiasm such that your father will feel proud of you.

Show Respect


There is nothing wrong in showing respect to your father. It will only bring happiness on his face. Even if you do not agree with his thinking, try to make him understand politely. Do not use harsh words on him, which can make him feel unhappy or hurt. Again, I would mention that he has seen more life then you have and you can never compete with their knowledge so instead of being brash, be mature and show that you care and respect. Giving respect is a priceless gift incomparable to any monetary gift you might give and it will make you as well him a lot happy and satisfied.

Spend Time

spend time with father

Stop worrying about why and how, forget about all the tips the best way to make your father happy is by spending quality time with him. Time is answer to every question and thing.

For a father, his children are the best thing that can happen to him. If you try to look in his heart, you will find that you avoiding or ignoring them hurts them in unimaginable ways and makes them feel very lonely. As a father’s age grows, he starts expecting more from his child. Thus, try taking out as much time as you can for him. Take him to family get-together or picnic or simply spend time in home with lots of fun and positivity.

Remember His Special Events

make father happy and proud

Always try to remember and celebrate his special events like birthdays, anniversaries or special events, it may be achievements or successes and celebrate it with lots of love and enthusiasm. You can take him out on dinner, buy some gifts (which he wants from a long time) or just spend this special moment with him and make him realize that you truly care for him.

Show Gratitude

show gratitude

You can never repay all that he has done for you and the only reason that you are enjoying life with proper life and education is he. Fathers do so much for us but never expect anything in return, so why not show your gratitude by saying a thank you to him occasionally and show it more by a hand-made card, a carefully chosen flower or a loving hug? This will surely bring you closer to him and bring memories, which you all can cherish forever.

“All of us cannot pay back all the love, care and affection which we receive from our fathers since our births. Hence, it is our duty to make our fathers feel cherished, happy and proud.  It is our duty to repay for his deeds by making him feel proud.”


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