Love, the universal tonic of peace, many things have been spoken on this topic and thousands and hundreds have been written about it too. From Mirza Ghalib to Christopher Pointdexter, love and affection have been written about in great details. Maybe that is why many times people get confused whether they are in love or it is just affection. The concept of love has been portrayed in such a way that the term love and affection interchange their places without any difficulties. But in reality it is not so simple, there is always a thin blurred line that separates affection from love one do not understand when that affection for your best friend turns into love. To know whether it is love or just affection just read along

Caring:where love begins


Yes! when you are in love you care a lot about your later half but you also care similarly about your family and close friends. The care and support you have for your close friends, family, and pets is almost similar to how you care about your love, but when you are in love you try your best to support and care in every possible way. The care you show towards your family is more due to affection you have towards them but for your partner, it is a mixture of love and affection.

Express It:

express love

Love is a feeling you feel deep in your soul, which leaves you content and satisfied, affection is more of an expression of your feelings for your loved ones. Affection is easily expressed physically, be it hugs and kisses, but expressing love is bit difficult.



Yes! there are fights in every relationship, but if you fight with your partner you both make it a point to apologize and make an effort to let them know their importance in your life. Sometimes when there are major fights between siblings or with family members, you tend to remain annoyed with them for a longer period of time.

Future Plans:

future plans

When your family forces you to plan your future, you might get irritated or usually plan it keeping yourself as the center of your plans, but when it comes to love, you plan everything together keeping your partner as the center of the future plans. You easily share your future plans and also consider their suggestion while planning and work together to make it a reality.



Affection is given and you get affection back, just like respect, if you give respect you get respect in return. But love is selfless, if you love someone truly you do not expect them to return same feelings, you just want them to be happy even if they do not love you in the same way as you love them.

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