Have you ever noticed the whitening of your eyes or yellow tinge to the skin? If you have, then it’s time to take it very very seriously. Yes. These are the symptoms of jaundice, a disease which is very common, but extremely hazardous to our body. Hundreds of cases of this toppling disease are reported in India and abroad every year. So, it’s high time that we all start taking care of our health seriously, and in this article, we will look closely at how jaundice is caused, its symptoms, and how it can be cured. Let’s take them one by one.



Let’s know the proper biological cause. Jaundice spawns from the formation and accumulation of a substance called Bilirubin, a leftover product which remains in the bloodstream after the removal of iron from the haemoglobin. Iron keeps a check on the leakage of bilirubin, but when there is an abundance of this harmful substance, it gets out, leaking into the surrounding cells and tissues. This results in the yellowness of the skin. Bilirubin has to be excreted out of the body, as it has no role to play in it. A healthily functioning body will not allow bilirubin to store in cells and tissues, for it will promptly excrete it out with the help of liver. Hence, the liver has to function really well in order to keep bilirubin at bay. Let’s look at some symptoms of jaundice.



Yellowness of the skin and whitening of the eyes are the most basic symptoms, as we have already mentioned it before. Other symptoms are itchiness, fatigue, abdominal pain (which is an alarming signal, indicating the blockage of the bile duct), weight loss, vomiting, fever, etc. So these are some of the major conspicuous symptoms which mark the onset of jaundice.



Since we have gained a little knowledge about how jaundice is caused and what it looks like, we must come to the most important part of this article – prevention. Following are some ways in which this pernicious disease can be cured:

  • Vaccination:

    Like many other diseases, jaundice can be controlled by proper vaccination.vaccine

  • Maintain Proper Weight:

    If you are constantly filling your stomach with junk and fatty food, you will not only get obese but also become vulnerable to many diseases including jaundice.body weight

  • Don’t Stay Thirsty:

    Grab a glass of water as many times as possible, because water is a solution not just to jaundice but many other health problems.water

  • No Alcohol:

    If you read health articles, you must’ve noticed that almost every article puts a big No to alcohol. In this case, alcohol is harmful because it damages liver which helps in removing jaundice-causing bilirubin.alcohol

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