Have you ever put your razor or trimmer down for weeks and months? Did your parents or friends or relatives ever comment on your changing face? Were you treated a bit older than your actual age in your last social gathering? If your answer is yes, then you already know what we are talking about. Beard. Yes, we men just love this word! While many cultures associate it with power, others regard it as an integral part of ‘masculinity’. Well, here we have no intention to define masculinity, but we do want to talk about the beard.
Most of us naturally have the gift of growing it. Some have a fuller, thicker and shiny beard while others have a patchy one. However, there are many who have no facial hairs at all. It all depends on our genes and hormones actually. We have no control on our genes, but we can do a few things. For those who can notice those tiny hairs on their young faces, we are giving you some helpful tips to get a full and healthy beard. And for those who already have it can find some ways to manage it.

Ways To Grow Beard:

Less stress and more sleep: Many might think how stress or sleep is related to growing a beard, but they certainly are. Plenty of sleep not only boosts the cell repair process but also promotes hair growth. So make sure that you sleep enough. Avoid stress as it can affect the blood circulation, which is vital for hair growth. beard
Keep your face clean: Wash and exfoliate your face regularly. It will remove dead cells, promote growth and make your skin healthy and shiny. Use a good face wash that also has a scrubber in it. Don’t use soap on your face, because soaps contain chemicals which are unhealthy for the skin. Wash you face with lukewarm water, especially in the evening.

Get a good diet: We are what we eat, literally. All the changes taking place in our body are a result of the food we eat. The same goes for growing beard as well. Take a diet rich in protein. Vitamins like A, B, C and E are also known for fastening the growth process, so include them in your everyday meals. beard
No Smoking Please: Do not smoke. Don’t consume alcohol either. Nicotine found in cigarette prevents the nutrient absorption in our body. It hinders the blood circulation system and also increases stress. Hence, quit these.beard

Face the hurdles: If having a beard is one of the best things, then the process of growing it is not easy at all. During the growth period, you can feel itchiness, may be irritation and a lot of other things. But you should face them with patience. Don’t even think of grooming or setting it for the initial few weeks. Just let it grow naturally and wildly, to put it more bluntly. Don’t compare your beard with anybody else’s. You have your own, so let it be.


Ways To Manage Beard:

Use Beard Oil: Applying oil will keep your beard healthy and shiny. It will not only make it soft but also free of itching. During the initial few weeks, itching and irritation may occur, thus regular oiling is essential to keep the bacteria away.  beard oil
Wash it: If you have got that long hanging beard, washing it thoroughly is utmost important. You can use either a beard wash or a chemical-free shampoo or a conditioner. Warm water is recommended. Washing nourishes it and stops hair fall.

Combing and Setting: Comb your beard with a wider tooth comb. It will prevent hair fall. Plus, doing this would remove dead cells from the skin and keep the hairs well-combed. Secondly, setting the beard is very important. If you just leave it for months, it might look untidy and ugly. In order to set the beard, you can trim it slightly from sides or around the cheek where the hair density tends to be more. This will it a good shape and edge.beard

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