First date is tough. You’re trying to make a good impression on someone, but you’re also trying to read the person you’re with and see if they’re worth your time. Here’s what you need to know to ace your first date.


First Impression matters

Already proven in many studies, there simply isn’t a doubt that the first impression you make on someone is deeply imbibed in their memory. And the major role in creating a positive first impression is how you dress up. If you’re going out during the day, try to wear bright colours .



Wear clothes in which you’re really comfortable in (girls, you don’t want to keep checking every now and then if your neckline’s going too low for the first date). If the date’s in the evening, then girls can put on a smart, pretty dress (The guys have an advantage over here- give them a white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of sneakers and they’re good to go!)


Choose a place wisely


The ambiance of the place plays a very important part in setting up the mood for a positive interaction. Select a place that is agreeable to both the parties, preferably a common favorite. Don’t go in for overly public places where you can’t talk comfortably, nor for too romantic. After all, it’s only your first date where you get to know each other!


Ordering and eating etiquette

Order something that doesn’t contain too much onion-ish or garlic-y (you get the flow) flavors. Avoid heavy eating. Keep your liquor consumption light. Don’t eat like you’ve been in a deserted island for months, nor take centuries to finish your first course.


Who’s gonna pay?

It’s always better to split the bill. Just make sure that as the bill comes, you both pull out your wallets. On the first date, offer, but don’t push it, as you don’t want to fight over the bill.


The conversation- to ask is the key

Start with introducing your self. No, they obviously know your name! Give them a brief account of who you are, what you do and your hobbies. Ask them about theirs. There will be plenty of things in there to ask about and set a smooth conversation rolling. Don’t get nervous. You are only getting to know each other! Both males and females don’t like it if one keeps blabbering about one self and forgets to ask. So keep asking!


NEVER fake

The biggest blunder you can make on a first date is to try and be someone you aren’t. You might end up impressing them initially, but sooner or later when they find out the true you, brace yourself for a very bitter experience. Be honest about yourself, talk about your likes and dislikes with confidence. But there is also no need to tell them all about your past, present and future just yet!


Young Couple Enjoying meal,mealtime Together

Positive body language

Always keep in mind some basic psychological tricks to get someone comfortable and attracted to you. Walk with poise and confidence (but don’t puff up your chest too much to avoid looking like a frog). Look directly into their eyes while talking or listening, for just the right time (You don’t wanna creep them out). Try to mirror their actions (but in a limit, don’t go overboard). Keep your feet pointed towards them, whenever you can. Lean in towards them, a bit, to appear interested. Nod and smile every now and then at appropriate times to show them you’re listening. And when they’re done talking, always ask relevant questions.



The ultimate question- Do you want to see them again?

You get the answer to this question within minutes into the conversation. If it’s a no, DO NOT feel obliged to agree to a second pity date. Always follow your heart. Best of Luck !

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