The world is filled with many wondrous gifts of nature. It is present in the air we breathe, the ground we stand on and everything that surrounds us. We can find the best spectacles of beauty in the most unexpected places. Sometimes to find a thing of beauty all you need are the right pair of eyes. As we explore more and more of our earth, we continue to find marvelous sights, things that have never been seen before. A great example for this would be a gemstone buried deep within the folds of earth.

To celebrate the truly immense beauty of mother earth, I present before you some of the most beautiful and rare gemstones and minerals in the world.

Sunset fire opal

Sunset fire opal - rare earth gemstones

The true regality of mother nature can be seen in this breath-taking gemstone. When you look at it, it is as if you are resting in the heavens above and watching a royal sunset. The brilliant hues of red and yellow are suffused in it making it even more unique. The cloud-like formations in the gemstone makes it look like a blazing sky.


Musgravite - rare earth gemstones

It is one of the rarest and precious gemstone present in the world. It is a sight for sore eyes. With its radiant grayish-purple glow it is a beauty. When it has been cut and polished its worth is around a mind-boggling price of $35000 per carat. Also the fact that it’s found in very few places and in very small quantities makes it a bigger rarity.

UvaroviteUvarovite - rare earth gemstones

This translucent bottle green gemstone is a captivating sight. You can feel yourself getting lost in its misty green layers as you gaze at it. Specimens of uvarovite are much sought after by collectors for their outstanding brilliance and color. This is a really rare and beautiful stone.


Alexandrite - rare earth gemstones
This rare gemstone is found in the Ural mountains, Russia. But, beautiful alexandrite in top quality, is very rare indeed and hardly ever used in modern jewelry. It is a unique gem and is much prized because of its color-changing properties. Green or bluish-green in daylight, alexandrite turns a soft shade of red, purplish-red or raspberry red in incandescent light.

Red diamondRed diamond - rare earth gemstones

You are looking at the rarest and expensive type of diamond in this world!! Look at it carefully because that is the closest you will come to it unless of course, you have $ 2 million on you!! But honestly very few of these have been ever discovered. This makes this red gem a coveted treasure.


Rose quartzRose quartz - rare earth gemstones

The beautiful rose quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is popularly known as the stone of the heart. A crystal of unreserved love. It has something about it that projects a feeling of contentment. Though it is not really rare, that does not stop the people from appreciating it. Its striking brilliance complements, its amazing color.


BismuthBismuth - rare earth gemstones

It is, in fact, a crystalline and brittle metal. It is silvery white in color with an iridescent hue. Due to different rates of growth of layers, it resembles a picturesque maze-of-sorts. Its brilliant luster and structure make it a very beautiful piece. The crystal’s attractive range of colors is due to an oxide layer deposition.


Fluorite - rare earth gemstones

Fluorite is one of the highly prized crystals by collectors. Its remarkable cubic structures seem almost impossible but yet they are. Fluorite is a wonderful gift of nature, luminous, glassy and vibrant in color. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstones, even though they are pretty common. It almost appears like a box of treasures from the matrix of rocks.

ScoleciteScolecite - rare earth gemstones

This lovely snow-white crystal has really beautiful outlines. Also, it has an amazing crystalline structure making it an alluring crystal. Most of the people believe that it gives a calming effect on the on who possesses it.


Serendibite - rare earth gemstones
It is a cyan colored gemstone with a brilliant luster. It is so rare that only three known faceted stones exist in the entire world. If you wish to own it, then you have to take a trip to Sri Lanka where it is found with a bank balance of around $15 grands. But the fact does not change that it is a piece of beauty with its black crystalline structure.


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