Being in love is indeed one of the best feelings that a person can experience. Not everyone can master the game of love, because love is not just a feeling or an emotion, it is much more than that. Love is another name for responsibility, protection, care and many other things that one can provide their partner. Love is certainly not easy to understand; its enigmatic and uncanny nature makes it open to all kinds of definitions and interpretations. That is to say, the experience of love differs for everyone. While many believe that there can be no better thing than being in love, others regard it as deceiving and treacherous. Well, that’s why love is unexplainable. This post, however, doesn’t intend to comment on the nature of love but explore many ways through which love can be expressed.

Simply loving is not enough, its expression holds even more valence than its thought. Many people are great at showing love, however, for many it’s a daunting task. This post will help you know and understand some ways of expressing love profoundly.


  • Talk:  Talking is an utmost important aspect of any relationship. If you don’t talk to your partner and don’t allow him or her to do the same, you will surely risk your relationship. Hence, talk. By talking, we don’t mean that you keep on saying something all the time. No. You should be able to find out the right time to talk about the right thing, and you can do this by reading your partner through his or her mood, behaviour and other bodily gestures.


  • A weekly drive or an evening walk: Togetherness is indeed the most powerful sign of expressing love. You can go for a weekly drive or even a few minutes walk in a nearby park will do the trick.

A weekly drive or an evening walk

  • Be affectionate: Affection is a great and instant way of expressing love. Gentle touches, timely hugs and holding of hands accentuate intimacy between two partners and prevent the relationship from waning.affectionate
  • Always stay kind: Most of the relationships begin to topple because they lack kindness. Even when you go through a fight or a scuffle, try to be kind. It will not only save your energy but will also leave a palpable effect on your partner.
  • Learn to listen: Nobody would want a partner who keeps on imposing views while discarding what the other person has to say. You certainly don’t want to be like that. Therefore, it’s imperative that you master the art of listening.
  • Do something unexpected: If you are a working couple, or for that matter any married couple, you can surprise your beloved by taking up a task which you haven’t been doing for a while. For instance, you can cook their favorite meal, clean up the house or even wash the utensils. By inverting the allocation and distribution of day-to-day tasks, you strengthen the bond of your relationship.Do something unexpected
  • Give the gift of solitude to each other: Togetherness is important for a relationship. And so is solitude. Give each of you time to stay alone, as it helps one introspect and contemplate certain things in life. Give the gift of solitude to each other
  • A small present: This may sound like a clichéd advice, but it works. You should present your partner something or the other occasionally. It doesn’t have to be a costly stuff. A small chocolate or just a sweet-smelling flower can work. A gift is a material expression of love

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