Our body work as the vessel for the form of immense energy we call soul. Almost everyone believes that soul is living it changes, it develops but never dies. I believe that every living thing needs its portion of nutrient and for soul that nutrient not only constitute positive thoughts and ideas but also MUSIC.

Music is a powerful tool that holds the magic to change people thoughts, their heart and most prominently their body and their soul. It helps in controlling your emotions and enhancing your creativity.  As H C Anderson quotes, “Where word fail music speaks” so even if our mind don’t understands the word it will still find meaning in music and our soul, happiness.


Feel the Shivers

The power of music can be easily felt by people with open soul or by those who are open to new ideas and change. The shivers you feel when you listen to an amazing piece of music is the indicator of frank personality. Music helps in creating an atmosphere of your own, which also effects your mood.

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Mood Modulator

Music can be happy and sometimes sad but it always boost your serotonin and endorphin count, making you happy and relaxed. Sheldon and Ferguson conducted a study in 2013 in which they found that any song, but especially upbeat song, change the mood of the individuals profoundly in a positive way.


De-stress With The Beats

Music is known for its relaxing and de-stressing properties, therefore music plays a major role in keeping away heart related problems such as high blood pressure and strokes due to stress. Even sad music helps in uplifting the mood and relaxing the brain and the body.


Magical Ability

Music not only helps in de-stressing but studies have also shown that music can be used to restore the vision of people who had suffered from stroke due to which their vision was damaged. Truly music is magical. Also, music helps in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines and headaches


Increase your IQ

Yes you read it correctly, music is said to increase verbal and visual IQ of individual who practice piano. Similarly music also helps in development of verbal and visual understanding of kids aged 8 to 11. Music also helps in remembering information or improving memory, you might forget what you studied for the test but you will never forget the lyrics of many songs you heard in your lifetime.


Sing To Make New Friends

Singing together works as magic, It bring people together. A Finnish college extended their music class and found that the students were more satisfied when working on other tasks, with new people. When they sang in synchronization they felt more connected to each other.


Facial Up-tones

As it is said that smiling is much better exercise for face than frowning, music ensures your face gets proper quota of its exercise. Music has a power to notch up your frowning lips into a beautiful smile and ensures a continuous flow of positivity.


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