During summers my only wish is to dive into a cool swimming pool and not come out until the summer is over! Though our dear God has not given as gills like the fish but there are other ways to keep your cool this summer. I present to you a list of simple summer drinks that will keep you hydrated and I have made sure that these drinks are healthy and at the same time- YUMMY!! These astounding drinks will keep you away from the blistering summer heat!

  1. Lassi

    Lassi: Summer drinksThis famous drink is an inseparable member of Punjabi cuisine. This cool and tasty drink is made using yogurt. First, the yogurt has to be churned till it reaches a smooth consistency, then you must add sugar as required. For additional flavors, you can also add cardamom or chopped dry fruits. All that is left now is for you to pour it out in a tumbler and drink it!! It is  recommended that you try it chilled and enjoy its brilliant taste!

  2. Lemon Blueberry Colada

    Lemon Blueberry Colada
    Though by name it seems very complicated, it is, in fact, a very simple drink. All that you need for this drink is some chilled lemonade, coconut juice, and frozen blueberries. Mix it all up until an even consistency. Then just whip out some tall glasses and present these drinks with a flourish. For added taste, you can also add some frozen orange juice cubes.

  3. Sugarcane juiceSugarcane juice

    This eternally superb drink is one of the best natural drinks during the summers! You actually need to crush the canes to get the juice and this is pretty much available almost everywhere on the roadside stalls. Many like to drink it in its natural form but you can also try it out in different flavors like pudina, ginger or lemon. No matter what way you drink it this is one of the most amazing summer drinks out there!!

  4. Chocolate malt milkshake

    Chocolate malt milkshake
    Who doesn’t love chocolate! People from all age groups crave for this. But how exactly do we give it a summer twist? The answer is a chocolate malt milkshake!! Just blend in some scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, malted milk powder, and milk. Cool it in a refrigerator and serve or rather get served!! And as for toppings, you can use your creativity ranging from choco chips to cookies!

  5. Lemonade

    LemonadeThis vintage drink is a common household drink and a very famous one at that. All you need to do is to squeeze a lemon in a tumbler with water and add either sugar or salt depending on your taste. And behold the old faithful lemonade is ready for you to gulp it all!

  6. Green apple spinach smoothie

    Green apple spinach smoothie
    This exquisite drink might look a little murky and the mention of spinach might throw you off!! But you have to try this delicious and healthy summer drink which has a very unique yummy tangy taste!! Just gather some green apple slices (Do not remove the peels), seedless dates and spinach. Blend them all up with a squeeze of lemon and voila!! Your smoothie is ready for you to enjoy.

  7. Aam PannaAam panna

    This sweet yet tangy drink is made out of raw mangoes. This is one drink that is very famous in North India and is often craved by many. This drink has the joint benefits of mangoes and Indian spices. To prepare this simple drink you must first take raw mangoes, and pop them in a pressure cooker. Once they are cooked, mash their pulp till they have an even consistency. Add to it black pepper, jaggery/sugar, and salt. Mix it well with chilled water. And now I present to you the mouthwatering and tongue tingling Aam panna!

  8. Raspberry coconut smoothie

    Raspberry coconut smoothieThis delightful smoothie is a really wonderful summer drink. This drink is a rally healthy choice and contains no added sugar making it a complete package! Now to make it you will need to just blend in some banana slices, coconut milk, and frozen raspberries until its smooth. Then you can garnish it with some coconut gratings or raspberries or some other fruit of your choice. And now you have a dreamy creamy raspberry coconut smoothie to slurp away!!

  9. Nariyal Paani

    Nariyal Paani

    One tiny sip of this and definitely you won’t stop until you have finished it. This delicious and nature-gifted drink is fit to be the drink of Gods!! It not only quenches your thirst but also replenishes your body with vital minerals. Low on calories this drink has many advantages. This drink is available throughout India on the roadsides. So stop waiting and take your first sip!

  10. Strawberry lemon punch

    Strawberry lemon punch
    This mouthwatering drink is indeed a punch to your taste buds. But one sip and you will agree that it is a pleasant one at that! This drink takes less than a minute to whip up and is a great conversation starter!! Just blend in some ripe strawberries, lemon juice, and chilled water. Pour it out and add some flair using wonderful straws and a bit of topping will make the drink complete.

With the list coming to an end I really hope that these drinks sparked your creative ideas and you will soon be coming up with your own range of special summer drinks to keep the summer heat away!!

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