So exam time is here and students have finally taken out their pens and books, and vigorous hours of study has started. Yes, exam are very important to analyze what all you have studied and how much of it you retain, but that doesn’t mean you start panicking as If this is matter of life and death. It is okay to feel those shivers down your spine as you realize only few days are left for your exams. Exam stress is very common and believe me even your parents used to go through exam stress when they were students.

Yes exam stress is very scary and usually leaves you breathless, hyperventilating, and confused and makes you feel all queasy inside. So here are some helpful tips to cope up with exam stress easily and efficiently.

1 Recognize Your Weakness

beating exam stress

Everyone has weaknesses and we come to know about ours when we are under lots of pressure, and exam stress is one of the major reason why we feel under pressure. So to reduce this stress always try to find out which topics you have not covered or which subjects you find difficult from others and start working on them. You feel exam stress leaving your brain slowly.

2 Take Notes

exam stress

You will be able to tackle exam stress if you are organized from beginning, yes it is very difficult to stay organized but at-least you can keep your notes up to date and mark important portion of text that you might be expecting to come up in exams. This will reduce your exam stress and decrease chances of you panicking at the last moment.

3 Time It

time management - exam stress

Managing your time is very important before and after exams, keeping track of time you use to solve a certain question will help you to split your time wisely. This will greatly help in bringing down your exam stress levels before and during exams. Always try to finish your paper few minutes earlier so that you have enough time to revise your answers.

4 Take Breaks And Stay Hydrated

exam stress

Studying continuously for hours will only increases your exam stress and decrease your concentration and focus. So always remember to take breaks after 20 to 30 minutes of study. Always keep your body hydrated, it will keep you fresh and reduce your stress.

5 Be Early

beating exam stress

Try to leave your home early for your exam center, it will curb down your anxiety level and also reduce your exam stress. It will also ensure that you reach your test center in time even if you get stuck in traffic. It will also ensure that you have enough time to look for your seating arrangement and reduce stress.

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