Chikungunya and Malaria both are deadly and yet ironically easily handled diseases. There is a famous statement that most deadly being on this planet is the mosquito. These diseases both have a common origin and that is a mosquito bite. Now before we go into detail as to how these diseases can be prevented, we need to know that why mosquitoes bite humans or for that instance any other creature. Well, it is a misconception that mosquitoes bite humans to get their daily dose of blood but that is NOT TRUE! Fellas, its news flash time and ladies and gentlemen, only female mosquitoes feed on your blood and that too for the purpose of reproduction! And if the are carrying pathogens of these diseases, then a visit to the hospital is right around the corner.

Now cutting right to the chase, what all can be done and what all can be done on a personal level to prevent these diseases from happening. There are various ways to prevent these diseases and some of the most effective ones are listed below:



This is very easy to achieve considering the fact that in a whole year, these little menaces are active for a total of two months at most and during that time if you stick to full clothes, this can be achieved and during night, use a mosquito net. Also, using medicated creams to keep mosquitoes at bay is not a bad idea. Last but not the least, use products like All-Out(a mosquito repellent) etc. during the night to eradicate mosquitoes but absolutely do not let go of mosquito net because that too is very important.



Fellas I ain’t telling you to keep your surroundings spick and span but some basic hygiene isn’t that bad now is it, especially if you can save on the trip to a hospital. You just have to give some time to your room and that’s it. Also, keep the food covered and store it in a cool place as mosquitoes tend to avoid cold places and added bonus is that it will increase the life of the food. Also, janitorial services once every week will not only help reduce the risk of mosquito infection and spread of mosquito colonies but also help reduce the risk of other diseases.


Make sure that you don’t have any stagnated water in your surroundings because mosquitoes just love that kind of surrounding as it makes for an ideal breeding territory. If there is a water body in your surrounding like a pool, make sure to chlorinate it and add some other artificial agents to stop mosquito breeding. Ideally, water should be drained out of every place it is being stored but since it is not practically feasible, what can be done instead is that a little amount of oil like kerosene can be added in places like coolers, water storage tanks and so on and in case of drinking water, keep a tight lid on it so that it is not contaminated.


Now you all might be wondering what is this all about but have faith people, this is one of the most trusted and successful methods of getting any work done. For instance take UN. Well jokes aside, If you put some pressure on the local authorities, they will take notice and take some preventive measures like fogging and regular waste disposal, cleaning of sewage lines etc. which also help in prevention of mosquito breeding and checks their population and these are some measures which can’t be taken by a person of limited means but it can definitely be achieved if authorities are forced into doing this.


Symptoms of these diseases are pretty mundane, i.e., you will probably think that it is a spell of just another diseases which will pass in a day or so but it is not the case with these diseases as they only get worse with time.

If you encounter symptoms like fever, joint pain, muscle pain, swelling etc, then you might very well be infected with chikungunya and if the time of the year is that of mosquitoes, then the probability is very high. Similarly, you might be infected with malaria if you experience shaking chills out of nowhere, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. Now that we know what symptoms are and if you experience them during the time mosquitoes are most active, do not shy away from visiting a medic because prevention is better than cure. I know this is a cliche but it is true. Most of us do not visit a doctor out of fear or laziness but people for once get you lazy bum off the bed and visit a doctor because although these diseases and many die from these two diseases every year but these are diseases which can be easily cured and if they are detected in early stages, then you might not even need to disrupt your daily life cycle!

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