Endangered Animals From Around The World

It’s very unfortunate but it is a fact that we are slowly killing, the animals for our own selfish demands! In this process we are disrupting the natural balance and believe me when I say that our day of reckoning is coming. And unless we do something to right the wrongs, we will never have a happy ending.
Here is a list of some of the most critically endangered animals which are on the path of extinction!!

Survive The Wild: Some Simple Tips

A disaster never asks for permission before entering, rather it knocks down the door and takes you along with it! There is no reason or question of how and why it happens, it just does. And in moments where you have to survive, the only thing you have are your own wits and guts.

Ambiverts: Somewhere in Middle

Ever heard of ambivert, no it is not a name of species rather it is a classification for human beings. Some people are introverts, that is people who keep their feelings to themselves and rarely go out to socialize, some are extroverts, people who love to express themselves and make new friends everywhere they go and then there are ambiverts