If someone asks me to define words like architecture and engineering, I will simply point towards the Burj Khalifa. I mean this iconic and regal building is one of the crown jewels of Dubai where it was built. Words cannot aptly describe this humongous towering beast of the landmark. When you see it for the first time, I promise you that you will be speechless and just stare at this skyscraper. In fact, I believe that this high-rise is an ultimate skyscraper. It embodies the world’s highest aspirations.

burj khalifa dubai tallest building

This icon stands tall at the height of 828 m (2716.5 ft) comprising of 164 floors above ground. It is sheer hard work and ingenuity that makes it the tallest building and the tallest free-standing structure in the world according to Guinness world records. It also has the highest occupied floor, which is floor no. 154 at the height of  584.5 m. It also holds the records for the highest outdoor observation deck and the longest travel distance for an elevator. Mind-boggling isn’t it! I thought so too!! The Burj Khalifa cannot be compared to anything in the world, it just stands out like a dazzling spectacle.

burj khalifa tallest building in the world

It took a year of careful and systematic planning, considering thousands of designs and ideas and another 5 years of construction before, the Burj Khalifa was completed in 2010. The architecture features a triple-lobed footprint, an abstraction of the Hymenocallis flower. Its modular Y-shaped structure provides it with an inherent structural stability. Its 26 helical levels decrease in cross-section as it spirals upwards, where it culminates into a beautiful spire. No stone was left unturned when the design was being finalised. Numerous tests like wind tunnel test, structural analysis, facade pressure tests and micro-climate analysis were done to make this landmark impressive and also safe at the same time.

burj khalifa dubai

The floor plan includes various hotels, ultra-luxury residences, corporate suites, sky lobbies, recreational centres, library and an observatory. The sky lobbies have various recreational facilities and top-of-the-line luxurious amenities. Over a thousand art pieces from various prominent Middle-Eastern and international artists have been installed in the corridors of Burj Khalifa. The interiors feature, glass, stainless steel and polished dark stones, complemented by Venetian stucco walls, handmade rugs and silver travertine flooring. The pieces that adorn the walls have been selected for linking various cultures and communities. This makes Burj Khalifa a symbol of international collaboration.

i am burj khalifa

This wondrous wonder is a stunning work of art. It is one of the finest examples of engineering marvels. And truly the Burj Khalifa has no peer either in design or execution! This landmark is a tangible embodiment of the rising stature of Dubai among global cities. This amazing triumph was possible only because of the ingenuity, skill, manpower and the dedication of the entire crew involved. This amazing landmark is a gigantic milestone in the history of mankind and sets a benchmark for all the posterity to come.

A view from the top –

view from the top burj khalifa

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