How often have you fantasized about walking down the nature trails in Kaziranga or taking a holy dip in the waters of Varanasi?? Or perhaps you wish to sit in the tranquil silence of the Sanchi Stupas?? Or rather go for a trek on the slopes of Ooty? But what exactly stops you? Does it have anything to do with the consequences on your bank balance?? We all crave to visit place without having to pay a fortune for it!!! But luckily for us it is very much possible to visit a lot of places throughout the country without having to put a dent in our bank balance. With the right planning you can easily enjoy all the comforts without having to pay crazy amounts!!! But this I not quite possible for those who wish travel Maharaja style, and not compromise on anything at all!! Here’s a list of budget holiday destinations that you can opt for on those long weekends or holidays, instead of wasting them in front of the TV.


 Train travel Mumbai to Margao and back: INR 450
 Stay: Decent accommodation and beach huts starts at INR 500/night
  Food: Shacks on the beach are the best, a good seafood meal for as low as INR 150

Budget Holiday Destinations - Goa

Goa is one of the hot favorite places for backpackers seeking budget trips.It gives you an opportunity to get lost on its beaches, Portuguese architecture, forts, local markets and the palm tree lined quaint villages. A brilliant place to kick back and relax



Bus travel from Chennai to Pondicherry and back: INR 500, if you prefer traveling                unreserved in a train, the fare is as low as INR 45 one way.
 Comfortable cottage stay at INR 300 or budget hotels at INR 500                                          Food: Try out some Indianized French cuisine starting at INR 200-300 for two

Budget holiday destinations

To experience that French flair, one doesn’t actually need to go all the way to Paris. India has its own little French corner, with its cobblestoned streets and innumerable cafes at the beach. And it has its very own distinct cuisine which is worth a shot.



Bangalore to Gokarna and back by bus: INR 800
 Comfy homestays start at INR 200 in Gokarna
 Lots of eating options near the beach at INR 200 for two per meal A sight for sore eyes,

Budget holiday destinations

Gokarna is truly a bewitching place that has its own charm. A great place to find your inner peace!! The calmness and serenity that this place exhibits allows you to forget all your stressful moments!!

Alleppey, Kerala

Stay: INR 250 – INR 700 per night
 INR 200 per meal.
 Start at INR 6000 per day for 1 BHK and includes three meals, so split it up with friends if you can.

Budget holiday destinations

Known as the Venice of East, Alleppey is famous for its enchanting countryside, lagoons, and the beautiful waterways. It is the best place to try the coconut filled delicacies. And the lazy boat cruises just make your day!!

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Delhi to Udaipur (State transport bus): INR 650
 Starts at INR 400/night for shared dormitories
      Food: Street food is a must try: INR 50 /person

Budget holiday destinations

You can call it the Lake City or the White City, nonetheless it is one of the exotic cities of India. Once you are done admiring the royal palaces and the bountiful lakes, make sure to not miss the rare beauties at the Vintage Car museum. And the cuisine is a must have!!! Its delightful taste is a treat for your taste buds!!

Nainital, Uttarakhand

State transport buses, Delhi to Nainital (round-trip): INR 368,
Private Volvo bus (round-trip):
 INR 800
 Spoilt for choices here, budget stay starts at as low as INR 150/night.
 Lot of Punjabi food around, meals can start from INR 200 for two
 INR 150/hr. for paddle boat

Budget holiday destinations

Undoubtedly, one of the top hilly budget destinations in India, Nainital is known for its main attraction – the Naini Lake & the beautiful hills that surround it. The rope-way to Snow view to get a dekko at the mighty Himalayas is a must-do here.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Bus fare Trivandrum to Kanyakumari and back: INR 500,
Train one way fare:
 INR 180
 INR 800 / night
 INR 200 per meal

Budget holiday destinations

Being the tip of Indian mainland itself makes Kanyakumari enticing. The confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean — see it, to believe it!! The Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views are a must see.

So what are you waiting for now!! Pack your bags and set out on the journey of your dreams. Bon voyage!!!

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