Basil(ocimum basilicum) is also known as the Saint Joseph’s Wort in some English speaking countries. The word ‘Basil’ was derived from a Greek word “basilikohn”,means ‘royal’. Justifying its name, basil really reflects a hospitality from its nutrition value. Its sweet, pungent, gentle aroma along with the nutrition factors literally takes good care of our health.

Basil Leaves


1. Time For A Better Cardio Vascular Health:

a) Basil contains vitamin A which helps in protecting the cells, lining a number of numerous body structures, including the blood vessels as it contains beta-carotene and powerful antioxidants.

b) It minimizes the Cholesterol in blood from oxidizing, thus minimizes the risks of Heart attacks and strokes.

c) It is a good source of Manganese which helps muscles and blood vessels to relax thus it improves the blood flows and lessens the risks of irregular heart rhythms.

basil paste

2. Keep Your Eyesight Strong:

a) Basil contains vitamin A which is an irreplaceable need for your eye.

b) Zea-Xanthin is a compound which protects our eyes from UV rays. It is rich in Zea-Xanthin, so it protects us from AMRD(Age Related Macular Disease ) and keeps our eyes young forever.

3. Bacteria Out Good Health In:

It contains DNA protecting flavonoids and volatile oils which gives protection on the cellular level and restricts the growth of numerous harmful bacteria including listeria, E-Coli etc.

Basil Honey Lemon Juice

4. Keeps Us Away From Inflammatory Diseases:

Basil contains Eugenol which makes it an ‘anti-inflammatory’ food. An enzyme named COX(Cyclooxygenase) forms prostanoids. Eugenol blocks the activity of COX thus it keeps us away from inflammatory health problems like- Rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel conditions.

5. Improves Blood Clotting:

Basil contains vitamin K which is very essential for blood clotting. Two table spoons of Basil is all you need to make a better blood clotting.

Basil herb

6. Basil is potential for use in treating Cancer.

It helps in building up immunity against the cancer cells. Besides these it also contains some other vitamins and minerals like- iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium which keeps us healthy.

basil garnishing

Not only it has magical nutrition value for health but also it has some exotic flavors. Regular use of It’s leaves in meals can make your dishes exotic as well as aromatic. So make it your daily need as it will make your life healthier and better.



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