When a Bangalorean talks about his/her home, the first words out are ‘Namma Bengaluru’. The phrase means ‘My Bangalore’ in Kannada. The people of Bangalore are a proud lot and their pride in their city is justified.
A city filled with high-rises and malls, gardens and parks, Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It is the third most populous city with a staggering population of 8.42 million. It is located in the Deccan Plateau region. It is one of the fastest growing metropolises of our nation. In the IT sector, Bangalore is a major name, also going by the name of ‘Silicon valley of India’. In terms of entrepreneurship, it is the startup capital of India. It is the birthplace of many new businesses and ventures. And also with a GDP of $83 billion, it is ranked fourth in overall GDP contribution.Startups in Bangalore
There is much to talk about this beautiful place. Anyone who visits this place even once forgets about every other place.

The first thing you want to hear about this superb place is about its wonderful weather. No matter if the rest of the country is sweating under the deadly heat wave or buried under snow, Bangalore is going to have a cool pleasant weather. And this happens throughout the year! The weather here is just too good!

lal bagh banglore

Lal Bagh, Banglore

Next, come the huge lung spaces. I mean all those beautiful gardens and green spaces, perfect for a casual stroll. Even though it’s a huge developing city there is no dearth of green areas. In fact, you need special permits to cut a tree down. Places like Banerghatta national park and Lalbagh are huge crowd pullers every day. And the huge lakes here support massive bio-webs that are a scintillating sight!

Another amazing aspect is the cities ability to include everybody in its folds. According to statistics, only 48% Kannadigas reside in Bangalore! The rest is a mixture Tamilians, Mallus, Telugu-speakers, Marathis, Punjabis and Hindi speakers. You can also see about 8% of settled Europeans too. This place oozes communal harmony and welcoming hospitality. Even the strangers here will often go out of their way to help a newcomer to the city. It is the making of a global liberal city.

Vidhana Soudha located in Bengaluru

Even though the city is adapting a lot of western and modern values, it has not shed its attitude towards ancient culture and tradition. Various folk songs and classical dances are widely promoted and learnt by the enthusiasts. Ranga Shankara, one of Bangalore’s well-known theatre promotes plays and dramas in various languages.

And the food here! It’s just brilliant. You can get all kinds of cuisines including, Cholle Bature from the North to Dum Biryani of Andhra Pradesh, and Rosgullas from West Bengal to Khakras of Gujrat. Delicacies like momos and wraps are available at every corner!  You have a wide array of choices in savoury and desserts. One who visits Bangalore has to take a bite of Mysore Pak a local sweet dish, it is that good! There are many quaint restaurants dotted all over the city serving the people with the best, meeting every whim and wish.

In terms of technological developments, the city is far ahead of the country on whole. With the dawn of the IT age, Bangalore shot into prominence. Various software and IT companies have made this city their base. It has helped in generating tonnes of employment for the youth. Bangalore has made its mark in the world.

top companies in banglore

Some top companies in Banglore

In terms of education and scientific research, the city is second to none! It has many highly esteemed schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas, NPS, DPS and so on. In terms of higher education, the city is filled with engineering, medical, commerce and arts colleges. It is home to the Indian Institute of Science, a world leader in scientific research. Government institutions like DRDO, ISRO, NAL and HAL have their centres here.

Night time is party time! Bangalore has the largest number of pubs in Asia. Though there are some night time restrictions on pubs and bars, that does not dampen the partying moods of the people here. The people of Bangalore work hard but party harder still!

Bangalore is a plethora of differences, a brewing pot of oddities, all beautifully concocted into the most wonderful experiences and memories! There is a lot that can be said about Bangalore, to describe its many stunning spectacles and mesmerising marvels! The city can be compared to a fabric in which each strand is a unique one, magnifying Bangalore’s magnificence.



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