Back pain is a very common problem all over the globe. This pain reduces our efficiency in work. It is a result of bad personal health habits.


Here are some important points that can help in preventing Back ache .

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly for back pain prevention

Exercising regularly will enhance your strength and will also keep body weight in control. Aerobic exercises do not usually strain the back, so they are considered the best. Also include Abdominal and back muscles exercises in these exercises.

2. Maintain Appropriate Body Weight

Maintain Appropriate Body Weight

Back pain is more prone to occur to over weight persons. That’s why an individual should try to maintain a proper body weight. Diet control and exercises may play an important role in losing some weight. Slow running, jogging and cycling can help in maintaining body weight under control.

3. Proper Posture

Proper Posture

Laying more stress on proper sitting and standing posture will prevent back pain. Feet should be flat on ground while sitting. Head, spinal column, shoulders and hip should be in straight line and erect. This straight posture give less stress on your back. While standing, keep your back straight and belly backward and pressed inside.

4. Avoiding Lifting Heavy objects

avoid lifting weight

Avoid lifting of heavy weight. If required, then keep your back straight, head up, squat properly and then lift the weight. Don’t straighten your legs before lifting the weight or object.

5. Use Lumbar Support Belt

Lumbar Support Belt

People who are engaged in lifting weights, should use lumber support belt. Back injury may be prevented up to some extent with its use.

6. Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Say NO to smoking ! Research studies prove that, Smokers have more back pain incidences in comparison to non-smokers.

7. Lying or sleeping on bed

choose right mattress

Use a mattress that keeps your spine straight. Use a normal sized pillow. Your neck should not be in a steep angle. The mattress should be slightly hard so that your back remains straight.

8. Refrain from Strenuous Activities

Strenuous Activities

Back pain can be prevented to some extent if can refrain yourself from strenuous activities, that may give you fatigue. Working under fatigue may lead to back injuries. So, for reducing back pain, refrain yourself from strenuous activities.

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