Ever heard of ambivert, no it is not a name of species rather it is a classification for human beings. Some people are introverts, that is people who keep their feelings to themselves and rarely go out to socialize, some are extroverts, people who love to express themselves and make new friends everywhere they go and then there are ambiverts, they are the people whose personality is a mixture of introvert and extrovert characters. Ambiverts are like water on a pH scale that is neutral beings, they come in between the spectrum of two extremes, the extremes being introverts and extroverts. Most people believe themselves to be ambiverts but if you are still not sure whether you are an ambivert, read along to know more about ambiverts.

Explore The World Alone

ambiverts music places

Yes, you might love going out a lot but you would rather prefer your own company. Ambiverts simply love to explore new places and go around the nook and corners of the place, but they might just take their headphones and music as their company. No wonder ambiverts are a complex mixture of introverts and extroverts.


moody ambiverts

Ambiverts are quite moody if they want they can stay out and be a party animal, but if they are not in a mood they will stretch on their beds and read a  book enjoying their alone time. At times, an ambivert would simply hate to stay inside their house and would call all their friends for a movie marathon.

Listeners And Chatterboxes

chatterbox, listener ambivert

Ambiverts can speak at length about the topics they love or on subjects they have a keen interest in. Ambiverts can debate for hours on anything they believe in but as soon as the topic changes, they would quieten and listen carefully to other’s opinion and views. Ambiverts give proper attention to others views and never crib about it. Therefore, ambiverts are great listeners too, they are always curious.

Adaptable To People

adaptable ambivert

Ambiverts adjust without breaking a sweat with new people. Therefore, at times, they find making friends quite easy. Ambiverts would become silent if their company is loud and would talk a lot if their company is quiet. If their company is in a bad mood, ambiverts try their best to cheer them up but if an ambivert is in a bad mood he/she might rant it out or keep it well inside, depending in whose company they are in. Hence, ambiverts are very adaptable to people and their moods.

Sometimes Confused

confused ambivert

Sometimes ambiverts thrive in attention and at times they just hate the prying eyes on them, sometimes they just love being in a limelight but sometimes it becomes annoying when people give them attention. At times ambiverts feel very uncomfortable meeting new people, but if they have a company of their friends they can very well be the most charming people in the party.

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