Ever wondered how dreams come into play? Where lies their origin? And why do we dream in a certain way like some of the ghosts, some of the angels, some of the distant memories and some of the success? Here are some interesting facts about dreams that will make you gape in awe.

Dreams can be controlled:

Yes, it’s true that even dreams can be brought under our control. The term, Lucid Dreaming has been coined for such type of experience where the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and have some degree of control on the characters and environment of their dream. If this point reminds you of Inception, you’re on the right track. People have been using this art to do amazing stuff like flying, crossing through walls or travelling back in time too.

Dreams can be controlled

Dreams behind Inventions:  

Many of the greatest inventions of mankind have been inspired by dreams like the DNA’s double helix spiral form proposed by James Watson, the sewing machine by Elias Howe, the idea of Google by Larry Page and many more.

Dreams behind Inventions

Dreams that literally turned into Reality:

There have been many bewildering cases where people have actually confronted their dreams. For instance, many of the victims of 9/11 had dreams warning them about the catastrophe. President Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination. And we have a record of around 19 verified precognitive dreams of the Titanic catastrophe.

Dreams that literally turned into Reality

One night, One Dream? Nah! On an average one can have up to seven different dreams per night depending on one’s sleep cycle which comprises of the nonREM and REM sleep. We typically dream during the REM phase.

Insane Dreamwalkers:

These dream walkers are actually victims of an extreme form of REM sleep disorder where they don’t just act out their dreams but also become nocturnal adventurers. One outstanding example is that of Lee Hadwin who has baffled sleep experts for he can draw and paint his sleeping environment only when in sleep.

Insane Dreamwalkers

Dreams as Metaphors:

A dream is not about what you see. It’s actually symbolic of something else. Like, standing on a cliff in a dream can represent that one has a broad view of something or finding oneself in a cemetery may indicate sadness or unresolved grief.

Dreams as Metaphors



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