One of the most prevailing health problem under adults nowadays is High Blood Pressure. Initially it has no or less symptoms but with time it can damage your heart, blood vessels, kidneys and other organs even. So here’s a brief guide on high blood pressure detailing on various important aspects.


What does Blood Pressure mean and what are the common terms related to it?

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted upon walls of blood vessels by the circulating blood. It is generally expressed in terms of Systolic pressure (maximum) and Diastolic pressure (minimum) and measured in millimetres of mercury (mm Hg). Systolic means the blood pressure when the heart beats while pumping the blood whereas diastolic means the blood pressure when the heart is at rest between the beats. The ideal blood pressure is 120/80.



What causes blood pressure?

Till now there has been no exact reason for high blood pressure. But certain factors could play a major role in development of it. They are:

  • Overweight or Obese
  • Excessive consumption of salt
  • Less consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Lack of exercise or physical activities
  • Smoking
  • Excessive consumption alcohol (more than 2 drinks a day)
  • Hypertension/stress/overthinking
  • Hereditary
  • Older age
  • Sleep apnea
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Thyroid and adrenal disorders

Out of all these the major reason for most people is hypertension.



 Treatment and Prevention

It’s necessary to prevent the development of this problem as it can cause some serious health problems like heart and kidney disease, failure or even stroke. So some of the things which can be followed without necessary medical treatment are:


Maintaining Proper Weight:

It’s quite important to focus on your weight. An overweight person can be as much as 6 times more prone to the high blood pressure in comparison with the normal person. So it’s very important to maintain a proper weight as it can affect drastically.


Limited salt intake:

Another factor is that the salt consumption should be adequate. And if you have high blood pressure than you should limit salt consumption. Limiting salt from diet can maintain your blood pressure.


Regular physical activities:

Regular physical activities can make you upto 50% less prone to high blood pressure. Physical activities doesn’t require like jogging or running, even a light activities if done daily can work out easily.


Limited Alcohol Consumption:

Too much alcohol can cause a serious uplift in your blood pressure. To help prevent this, you should not have more than 2 (for man) and 1 (for women) drinks a day. If you can maintain upto this then it’s well and good.


Avoid Stress:

Stress or overthinking can shoot up your blood pressure. There is no specific way to control this instead one should try to avoid things that can lead to stress.

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