It really doesn’t matter how you say it, but how you show it! Show how much you love your parents ! These are some ways you can do so…

The Creative Way :

Show your Parents - How much you love themONE

Design a Picture/collage for your parents, insert old memories and event’s photographs. You can also write them a letter/poem, use your creative thoughts to show your love towards them. Sometimes you can also clean your room, this makes them realize that you care.

Delicious trick :

Show your Parents - How much you love themtwo

Cook something for your parents in Dinner. It doesn’t matter weather it’s a vegetable sandwich or noodles, Your main purpose is to give them a break. Take help from your siblings in cooking something good !

Gifting Time :

Show your Parents - How much you love themthree

Remember your parents’s birthday’s and anniversary dates. Prepare a nice surprise party and call their friends and dear ones. They would love see you organizing the event for them !

Respect Tradition :

Show your Parents - How much you love themfourth

Follow some traditions that were taught by your parents, respect those rituals. On parties and festivals, try to wear traditionals that will be appreciated by them. Carry on those traditions and show your respect towards what was taught to you.

Communicate :

Show your Parents - How much you love themfive

Tell them how much you love them. Say it as you mean it, they love talking to their children. Talk on their childhood, college days, fun memories in their life. they will love to share their experience with you.

Spend Time With your parents :

A family watching a movie

Plan a family picnic. Go for Movie and then take them to their favorite restaurant. Spend a weekend at home with your parents. Spending time with them is a good way to reveal your love for them. This will be appreciated more when you are older.

Never Lie to your parents :

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

The best way to show your love is to never lie to them. Always be honest and share memories with them, this shows them that you trust and respect them.
If something goes wrong, apologize – and mean it! This really will increase their trust on you.

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