If you had to describe Mumbai in one word, what would it be? Food? Culture? Heritage? Bollywood? Actually, there are endless descriptions. Touring Mumbai is nothing less than a movie experience. The pace with which the city moves cannot be defined in words. With its lovely chaotic streets, surprising contrasts, impressive colonial buildings and colourful atmosphere, Mumbai, the gem of western India, is definitely a city you should witness yourself. Be it Indians or foreigners, everyone loves to tour Mumbai. Here are some of the reasons, why.


The city promises to never disappoint your appetite. When you’re chasing after your dreams, you tend to forget food and drink. But when you do remember, there’s always Vada Pavs and Misal Pavs. When you tour Mumbai, you’ll never eat your fill and never be hungry enough to starve. Parsi cafes in Mumbai have a timeless, old-world charm to them. These eateries are full of interesting anecdotes courtesy the owners, are usually run by Parsi families and are one of Mumbai’s proudest features. At these Parsi cafes, you can watch the world go by while you sip your tea. Talking of tea, how does it feel when Mumbai offers you bunmuska to dip in it and start your day? If you’re still not contented there are numerous street food varieties to keep you perplexed with never ending options.


Vada Pavs could make you forget branded fast food

Heritage Buildings

The heritage buildings of Mumbai are a wonderful demonstration of fine colonial architecture. Be sure to not miss the gothic-style Prince of Wales Museum of the Kala Ghoda art precinct, as well as the stunning Mumbai High Court, the structures of Horniman Circle of the Fort area, and the delightful Victoria Terminus railway station. So if you can spare some time while you tour Mumbai, it is always worth marveling the city’s heritage. Also not to be missed are the lush gardens of Horniman Circle, which provide a nice respite from the busy, energetic atmosphere of the city.



If we were to make a list of the people who love the seaside, it would definitely tend to infinity. If you think you don’t then how about watching a sunset on the beaches? Whether it’s Marine drive or the Juhu beach, nothing calms down frayed nerves better than the soothing sea breeze. Courtesy a walk down the beach as you feel the cool breeze brushing your hair. They might be crowded but you can still find your corner somewhere to indulge in some deep thinking or a peaceful time all by yourself. You have multiple options to spend a weekend with your loved ones which give you a good reason to tour Mumbai if you haven’t already.


The Marine Drive beach listens to you even when you have no one else to talk to


Mumbai has a number of lovely streets for shopping and strolling. The Colaba Causeway is lined with a number of fun vendors selling colourful, local goods and souvenirs. Have you heard of the Chor Bazaar? It translates to thieves market in English and you would badly regret missing it. Are you sensing stolen goods? The market is thought to have originally been called Shor Bazaar, meaning noisy market. The current name is said to have come from a British mispronunciation. So you can relax now! Still, it’s assumed that many of the goods for sale are stolen. You might have to take along your bargaining skills and part with your claustrophobia (and morals). Its narrow alleyways are where one can find the finest collection of antiques. There’s an add-on. The local street food is a spicy, fresh experience for the taste buds. The Linking Road is the perfect spot to find great deals on cheap shoes and clothing of both Indian and Western styles.

The (in)famous Chor Bazaar


India’s ever-popular Bollywood film industry has its home in Mumbai. The best place to catch a film is at the enchanting Eros Cinema, that is located adjacent to the railway station known as Churchgate. You can also take a tour through Film City, to get a real taste of the action and glamor. Are you looking for a role? Take a walk on set, behind the scenes, and sometimes you can even catch some filming in real time. You might be in the background if you’re lucky! Before you spread the good news may be you should make sure that your shot didn’t get edited.


A view of Eros Cinema

History and Culture

Mumbai boasts some amazing Buddhist and Hindu caves, which make the city such an interesting and valuable destination. Some of the most important are the Elephanta Caves. Moreover, the old city of Mumbai prides itself with a rich cultural heritage, a short but still flamboyant history, an impressive collection of temples as well as other significant landmarks, such as the famous Gate of India, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Gandhi House, Haji Ali Mosque or the Bhau Daji Ladd Museum. These are added attractions when you tour Mumbai. One must also mention the festivals of Mumbai especially the Ganesh Utsav.


The Ganesh Utsav


Mumbai has the best nightlife in India, being an ideal place for nocturnal tourists and an authentic “city that never sleeps”. Can you name another such city? New York City of course! A comparison, however, would not be fair and is the least of our intentions. As the sun goes down, the city gets alive with a high energy spread out all over its streets, and an even greater hustle and bustle wrapping the atmosphere. There are stylish bars and cafes, luxurious restaurants, outstanding clubs, funky saloons, comedy clubs, live music venues, crowded food streets and sweet indie music flowing from each corner. Are you thinking about sleeping during the day?


 You can’t get the real feel without experiencing it


Unerringly predictable, Mumbai’s monsoon is welcomed and cherished every year. It spans a few months. This is the time when the city is cleansed and the much-needed water to support the populous is captured and stored, to be used during the rest of the year. Just as predictably, heavy rain combined with high tides can temporarily paralyze the city and flood the train lines. But, at the end of the day, what you remember is the sheer pleasure of cool rains pounding down on scorched earth. Moreover, the city has a coastal climate which makes it very convenient for you to tour Mumbai.


The cherishable Mumbai monsoons

People and Surroundings

Mumbai is the largest metro in India and one of the largest in the world. Yet unlike other large cities in the world, there is a warmth and hospitality you find in the people here. It is also claimed to be a very safe city, especially for the fairer sex. We are all aware that women safety is a very important issue today. If you tour Mumbai after visiting many places around the world and around India, you will surely realize the validity of the claim. Yes, this is undoubtedly a standout feature of Mumbai.


Women safety

Local Trains and the Dabbawalas

Are you wondering why you should tour Mumbai for local trains and dabbawalas? They are undeniably a great attraction for tourists. Mumbai has a humongous working population, most of which is reliant on the faithful dabbawalas who diligently bring them neatly packed lunches from home. These delivery men use the Mumbai local trains as a means of transport. They have an intricate coding method for dabbas, a well-connected set-up, and are tremendously well-organized. It’s a sight which you just can’t afford to miss. If you want to see them in action then you have to be at Dadar, Bombay Central and other central local stations.


The lightning fast dabbawalas in action

There are much more reasons to tour Mumbai, no post being sufficient to describe them. Countless people move to Mumbai every year and Mumbai welcomes them all with open arms. There is something about the city, that attracts so many. Be it the never dying spirit of the city or unity, Mumbai is indeed the most loved city in India.

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