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How many of you have tried to do some of your boring and unengaging work with the help of music? Maybe Eminem has been blaring out of your speakers or are you the more subtle Pink Floyd or Radio Head fan? Maybe your magic recipe of perfect maths homework include Dear... read more

Controversial Books of all Time – Top 10

Books are not just a collection of pages bound together; they contain ideas, concepts, and things which not just reflect the human society but also has the power to change it. It is for this reason that books hold tremendous importance. However, books can be extremely provocative and sometimes dangerous also. In this section, we will look at some of the most controversial books written around the world.

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How to Grow and Manage your Beard – A 8 Tip Quick Guide

Most of us naturally have the gift of growing beard. Some have a fuller, thicker and shiny beard while others have a patchy one. However, there are many who have no facial hairs at all. It all depends on our genes and hormones actually. We have no control on our genes, but we can do a few things. For those who can notice those tiny hairs on their young faces, we are giving you some helpful tips to get a full and healthy beard. And for those who already have it can find some ways to manage it.

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hair transplantation, a technique that works like magic on your bald scalp, makes you look younger and more attractive than ever, brings back the lost confidence and what else not. This technique has literally proved that nothing is impossible. Your personal and professional life will no longer be affected by that hair loss and will offer you your desired look.

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Bangalore: Perfect Destination to Stay

When a Bangalorean talks about his/her home, the first words out are ‘Namma Bengaluru’. The phrase means ‘My Bangalore’ in Kannada. The people of Bangalore are a proud lot and their pride in their city is justified. A city filled with high-rises and malls, gardens and... read more


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